Biden’s Grand Return Of ‘Catch And Release’

According to the reporters, Frida Ghitis said that Migrants are not idiots, and they are watching and reacting to what the Biden administration is doing. A large group of 16,000 illegal immigrants, primarily from Haiti, camped up under a bridge near the Texas-Haiti border without receiving a court date. His allegations of mass deportations are only a few examples to demonstrate his point.

Despite a strong warning from DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas that their efforts “would not succeed,” some Haitian migrants are being released into the United States’ interior. According to sources, more than 14,000 migrants have slept under the bridge in Del Rio, with tens of thousands more on their way.

Most are transported to their preferred locations at public cost, unvetted and unvaccinated, with just a “notice to report” to local ICE offices. Applying lawfully, on the other hand, is for knuckleheads. And don’t expect them to keep it a secret from their pals. Because images of the enormous, filthy migrant camp are a political burden, he has his priorities in order. It’s a pity about the country, leave alone what the people of America desire.

Most of these asylum seekers arrived in the United States from third-world nations such as Chile and Brazil, where their ID cards automatically disqualified them from seeking refuge. However, individuals may now claim to be anybody and receive the asylum upgrade they desire. Under Biden, country-shopping for the most outstanding benefits package is becoming more frequent.

Joe Biden’s catch-and-release strategy is akin to a homeowner locking up a beehive in his attic to get rid of it, only exacerbating the situation. People respond to honeyed incentives the same way as bees do, and Joe’s remedies will attract more illegal aliens as if the two million new ones this year weren’t enough.

Because Joe Biden exclusively answers to cameras, anybody who wants to know what he thinks or feels about the Affordable Care Act must keep the cameras on. Congress, the judiciary, the states, and anybody else involved in this nonsense must take a stand against it, including taking a stand against each other.