Biden’s Ignorance Of The Problems Won’t Make Them Go Away

For the past year that Joe Biden’s been in office, he’s demonstrated a disturbing pattern of making messes, then pretending they’re not there and presumably thinking this will make everyone else forget about the situation as well.

Biden did this with the southern border. He ripped away the immigration reforms enacted by the Trump Administration. Later, Biden did nothing about it when drugs, traffickers, illegal immigrants, and other problems poured across the border. To this day, states like Texas and Arizona have been left trying to clean up the mess.

Biden also messed up the economy and then stopped addressing it. Look no further than all the spending bills he signed into law, thereby engendering an inflation crisis. Even as multiple polls show that Americans want the President to handle inflation, he’s refusing to do so.

According to reports from Fox News, Biden’s willful ignorance of crises is now rearing its head in the area of foreign policy.

Sensing weakness in the US White House, Russian President Putin is preparing to strike Ukraine, a pivotal ally to America. Meanwhile, this past Wednesday, Biden essentially gave Putin the invitation to proceed by declaring that “minor” attacks may only engender “minor” consequences.

Later, the White House came out and tried to do damage control by walking back what Biden said. Even Ukraine came out and said there was no such thing as a “minor” attack against their sovereignty.

After Biden’s foolish foreign policy statement, the White House chief of staff tried to make light of what the President said, therefore demonstrating the aforementioned willful ignorance. According to Klain, Biden was “clear” about consequences against Russia if the nation hits Ukraine.

However, Fox News host Sean Hannity pushed back against what was a blatant lie from Klain. Hannity informed the White House chief of staff that Biden was not, in fact, “clear” when he spoke about a “minor incursion” during his press conference.

Hannity also criticized the White House for attempting to spin what Biden said when Americans saw and heard it with their own eyes and ears. The Fox News host then noted the White House’s unfortunate pattern of pretending like crises don’t exist, even when Biden creates them.

Judging from Biden’s haphazard attitude towards escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine, many Americans are nervous that the situation will mirror Biden’s failure in Afghanistan last year.

At no point should the President be daring our nation’s enemies to attack an ally? It sends the wrong message to everyone across the globe. It likewise makes the United States look as weak as the person who calls himself our President.

If Russia does choose to strike Ukraine and call Biden’s bluff, the blood will be on his hands.