Biden’s Immigration Policy Called An ‘Anti-Humanitarian Initiative’ By Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

The crisis at the border has grown increasingly worse, and the Biden Administration seems to be washing its hands of the problem.

In July alone, there were almost 200,000 encounters at the Texas-Mexico border with total encounters for the year projected to be even greater than the more than 2.1 million that happened in 2021. On top of that, since President Biden took office, at least 81 people on the FBI’s terror watchlist have been encountered by Customs officials after an average of three per year during the Trump years.

These numbers, along with other mishaps along the border, led Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to say, “I’d call it the anti-humanitarian initiative because we lost 13 migrants crossing the river because of high waters,” referring to Biden’s immigration policy.

The border crisis has gotten so bad, that a recent NPR poll shows 53% of Americans would use the word “invasion” to describe conditions there.

Even Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz called the border crisis a disaster. When interviewed by a Florida news outlet he said that the number of aliens entering the United States is unprecedented, that migrants agreed to be patrolled because they know they will be released and that the number of illegal aliens entering America has increased since Biden took office.

Paxton has even won lawsuits against the Biden Administration and CBP to stop aliens from illegally crossing the border without consequence.

Referring to Ortiz’s interview, Paxton said, “I really appreciate that he let the American people in on the secret that Joe Biden doesn’t want the world to know — which is that his policies are doing great harm to the border. They’re doing great harm to my state, and they’re doing great harm to the American people.”

Paxton accused the Biden Administration of creating policies meant to accomplish a simple mission: get more immigrants here. While that may or may not be true, what is obvious is that the current immigration policies are not working and something or someone has to change.