Biden’s Inflation Nightmare Is Sparing No Prisoners

Inflation has been a form of dead weight on the US economy since 2021. Thanks to the White House and Democrats passing spending bills into law, Americans have witnessed record-breaking price increases.

There have been a series of polls confirming Americans’ concerns about inflation for months. However, the White House remains entirely and intentionally fixated on other matters.

The Biden Administration knows that inflation is a bad look for them politically, especially with midterms approaching mere months. However, the White House’s refusal to talk about the reality of inflation isn’t making it go away.

The longer Democrats try to push inflation out of public conversations by ignoring it, the more noticeable this plight becomes, as confirmed by the Next News Network.

The popular pizza joint known as Little Caesars has a reputation for hot and ready pizzas that cost merely $5.00. Little Caesars has been around for decades here in America. Their $5.00 hot and ready pizzas are beloved by many.

However, thanks to the inflation crisis caused by the Biden Administration, Little Caesars is increasing the prices of their pizzas. The $5.00 hot and ready pizzas will now go up to $5.55.

Seeing as inflation is an ongoing and persistent problem, Americans shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for the prices of these pizzas to decrease. It wouldn’t be shocking if Little Caesars is forced to again raise their prices due to supply chain issues and the growing costs across the board.

Of course, Little Caesars is trying to soften the blow of this price increase by branding it as a “change” that will put them in the best position to meet the needs of their customers.

The only “change” happening right now is the adverse impacts of the Biden Administration’s leadership in this nation.

Inflation is making its way across every sector in the United States. The housing market has been a volatile state since 2021, with people paying three and four times the asking rates for new homes.

Meanwhile, grocery stores have been forced to raise their prices, assuming they can even keep their shelves stocked. Over this year alone, there have been viral images where people post photos of bare grocery store shelves across the nation.

Little Caesars is not the first casualty of the inflation crisis engendered by the 46th President, and it certainly won’t be the last. According to economic forecasts, inflation will continue to ensure throughout the better part of this year and potentially into 2023.