Biden’s Labor Secretary Fails Horribly When Questioned About Inflation

The Biden administration’s ceaseless stream of excuses for inflation has made life worse for everyone.

Thanks to excessive spending in 2021, the persistent problem of inflation is showing no signs of waning anytime soon. As things currently stand, inflation appears set to be the “new normal” for quite some time.

Meanwhile, as prices get more expensive, interest rates follow suit. The federal government attempts to counterbalance inflation. However, it’s left everyday Americans in a situation where paying off their mortgages, credit cards and other expenses gets more complicated.

The subsequent hardships stemming from inflation are continuing to pile up. Meanwhile, Biden’s Labor Secretary has proven that he doesn’t have any real American solutions, as TheBlaze documents.

On Friday, Labor Secretary Marty Walsh was interviewed by “Bloomberg The Open.” During this time, Walsh was reminded about the recent historical consumer price index increase and projections of continued price upticks and stagnant wages.

After this recap, “Bloomberg The Open” asked the labor secretary what solutions to reduce inflation and relieve the American people.

Sadly, Walsh didn’t have any real solutions. He only had a new round of excuses. The labor secretary told “Bloomberg The Open” that the supply chain, COVID and overseas conflicts between Russia and Ukraine drive ongoing inflation.

At one point, Walsh mentioned the Biden administration would be engaging in a series of “actions” and “conversations” about inflation in America. Nevertheless, the labor secretary declined to explain precisely what these “actions” and “conversations” would entail.

He did, however, mention that Russia’s gradual loss of oil is going to trickle over the United States in the form of higher energy costs. Of course, these higher costs could be avoided if Walsh’s boss, Joe Biden, lifted his bans against pipelines, oil drilling, fracking and more.

Walsh declined to mention this to “Bloomberg The Open,” though.

Everyone feels the sting of inflation; it’s also getting worse rather than slowly fading away.

The mainstream media joined the Biden administration claiming that inflation would be a passing annoyance. However, as inflation remains persistent, more media outlets are challenging the White House.

Nevertheless, White House aides remain determined to avoid taking responsibility for this at every turn. Therefore, Americans can best hold this administration accountable by ensuring that a red wave sweeps Congress in November.