Biden’s Latest Announcement on Ghost Guns Has Exposed Real Problems

Virtually everyone in America can agree that crime in the country has gone up. Yet, conservatives and leftists have very different ideas on the root causes of this uptick in lawlessness.

Conservatives have consistently warned that policies like cutting police funding, “reforming” bail, letting offenders out of jail early, etc., directly tracks with the notable increases in crime across the United States.

Meanwhile, leftists make the gas that new outbursts of crime are all the more reason why America needs even more gun control laws.

Democrats, to this day, have already significantly increased their gun control agenda. During this week alone, Joe Biden announced an altogether crack down on ghost guns.

Yet, his announcement about crimes committed with these weapons sheds light on some serious problems, according to Twitchy.

Biden’s Message to Americans About Ghost Guns

On Monday, the president stood in front of the White House and claimed that any person who breaks the law with a ghost gun can expect to be federally prosecuted.

This announcement came along with Biden holding up a so-called ghost gun and claiming these weapons can be created in 30-minutes time.

Of course, in announcing the crackdown against ghost guns, Biden directly tied this in with the crime crisis. The president ran with the narrative that ghost guns are driving crime across the country, despite this being an untrue claim.

Unfortunately, Biden’s ghost gun announcement shows that Democrats are once again politicizing lawlessness in order to advance their anti-gun agenda.

This past Monday, Biden didn’t mention that many criminals using firearms to commit crimes are using illegally-obtained guns, not ghost guns without serial numbers. The entire presser about ghost guns was ultimately riddled with untrue claims that frequently come from the gun control lobby.

The Root Cause

Biden’s announcement about ghost guns was not received pleasantly by the American people. Many folks stated that if Biden was serious about lowering mass shootings and other crimes, then criminals would be prosecuted and held accountable.

This means not letting offenders out of jail early and not forging bail simply because some offenders can’t pay. Holding criminals accountable also means empowering police officers, not firing them over their personal choice not to take COVID vaccines.

All in all, Biden’s announcement about ghost guns was slammed as a backdoor attack on gun ownership altogether. Cracking down on ghost guns isn’t the first move this president has made against the Second Amendment and it certainly won’t be the last.