Biden’s Latest Gaffe Makes the Case For His Removal

Any individual who is serving as president of the United States needs to be of sound mind and able to make good judgment calls. These are base requirements, yet ones that the current president is unable to meet.

Time and time again, Joe Biden shows just how deeply he suffers from confusion and poor judgment calls. His frequent blunders and mistakes in the foreign policy arena, alone, are critical examples.

At this time in America, having a president who barely knows where he is half of the time is very dangerous. Unfortunately, Biden appears to be losing his touch more and more, thus posing a risk to the national security of the United States.

Now, as reported by Red State, the latest gaffe from the sitting president actually makes a fair case for him being removed from office.

A Word Salad About Delaware

On Monday, Biden spoke at the White House for the President Rank Awards. Yet, as is par for the course for this president, it wasn’t long before he slipped up, even with access to an easily readable teleprompter.

At one point, the current president began speaking about a staffer with the University of Delaware; although, this is when he clearly became confused.

First, Biden claimed the state of Delaware hasn’t had many senators. He was presumably speaking in a historic context; although, even under this umbrella, his claim was false. Every state in America has two senators.

It gets worse. The president later described Delaware as a “small state” that has never had one senator. Of course, this is patently untrue. Ironically, Biden himself was a senator from Delaware before becoming vice president.

If Biden can’t even remember that Delaware has two senators, what else can’t he remember? Since the inception of Delaware, the state has always had senators.

The 25th Amendment

For months, there have been conversations brewing about the merit of using the 25th Amendment to remove Biden from office.

His latest word salad about Delaware gives credence to the argument that invoking this amendment is appropriate.

Americans routinely get a firsthand look at all of the mistakes and gaffes Biden makes. This naturally makes Americans wonder what other problems the president has when the cameras aren’t turned on.

If the president continues down the road he’s bringing Americans down, he’s going to inflict a fair amount of damage that this country may or may not be able to come back from. The 25th Amendment could be a way out, but it would make Vice President Kamala Harris our new president.