Biden’s Latest Slip-ups Further Indicate His Apparent Memory Loss

At this point in time, it’s been well-established that Biden’s cognitive functions are not where they should be. Time and time again, the president has made comments that were either factually inaccurate or later corrected by the people working in his administration.

The White House appears to be internally working to control Biden and keep his slip-ups from appearing public. This was apparent over the Easter holiday when the president was told by the Easter bunny not to speak with members of the press.

However, no matter how much the White House tries to conceal the cognitive issues that Biden is having, they keep becoming more and more apparent.

During a recent speech in Washington, for instance, Biden made several mistakes, including misremembering the names of congressional lawmakers, according to Red State.

More Problems with Biden’s Memory

During public remarks at Washington’s Green River College, Biden talked about bringing down the costs for everyday Americans. This ironically comes as inflation is spiraling out of control, thanks to inflation.

However, when Biden began naming lawmakers who he views as supportive of his agenda, this is when things went wrong. The president forgot the names and genders of the lawmakers he wanted to give accolades to.

Apparently, the lawmakers he sought to reference were Rep. Rick Larson (D-WA), Rep. Susan DelBene (R-WA), and others.

Then, at the end of the speech, the president turned around, appearing lost and uncertain of where he actually was. This, too, is becoming a habitual pattern of Biden’s, along with the various gaffes made during speeches and what not.

Growing Claims of Elder Abuse

In the nearly 16 months that Biden’s been president, there have been conversations about why no one in his immediate circle is stopping him.

Many Americans have said that first lady Jill Biden should not have allowed her husband to even run for president, due to the signs of mental decline he was showing back then.

Other people, such as former White House doctor Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) claim that Biden’s problems of this nature are dangerous. On multiple occasions, Jackson has said that Biden is not mentally healthy. He also warns the president needs to take a cognitive test and share the results publicly.

Thus far, Biden has made no signs of preparing to step down from the White House whatsoever. It also doesn’t appear as though anyone in his inner circle is trying to get him to walk away from a job he’s clearly not up to doing.