Biden’s Lies On COVID Come Back To Bite Him

For roughly two years now, Americans have been hearing a series of laws, mistruths, and misinformation regarding COVID. The first lie materialized when everyone was told that 15 days indoors to “slow the spread” would be necessary to stop this virus in its tracks.

It was not the case, suffice it to say. These so-called 15 days eventually morphed into ongoing lockdowns, the forced closure of schools and businesses, face mask mandates, COVID vaccine mandates, COVID vaccine passports, and more.

Americans were furthermore told that getting vaccinated against COVID would be the solution to ending the pandemic. Everyone now knows this was yet another lie. With more than 200 million Americans fully vaccinated, the virus is still spreading, as are its multiple strains.

When Biden was running for president in 2020, he vowed to “shut down” COVID. Although, as reported by the Washington Free Beacon, this may have been the biggest lie of all.

During the last presidential election season, Biden spent a tremendous amount of time ranting before the public about how terrible of a job Trump was doing with handling this virus. Yet, as it turns out, over 400K Americans have lost their lives to COVID on Biden’s watch alone.

The 46th president has not “shut down” coronavirus, despite all his attempts at illegal COVID vaccine mandates and the threats of unemployment he waged against Americans who don’t want this jab.

Biden has continued with more pathetic lies. He continues to tell the country that getting vaccinated is necessary to stop the transmission of the virus. The only issue is that vaccination against COVID does not halt transmission. Biden’s repeated instances of claiming otherwise is an example of COVID misinformation that his administration frequently criticizes.

COVID under Biden has been a nightmare, compared to how Trump handled it. To this day, the 46th president has not made a single move that’s been of help or value. COVID is arguably more rampant under Biden than under Trump, amid its delta and omicron strains.
If Biden had even an iota of credibility before, it’s now long gone.

Biden talked a good game about having a plan to check the virus, yet nothing good came of it. Apparently, from what we can now see, the 46th president’s plan entailed ushering in a series of mandates, disregarding individual freedoms, and hoping for the best.

Shame on this failed president and shame on his administration.