Biden’s Mask ‘Comes Off’ As He Loses The Battle Over Vaccine Mandates

As many Americans have observed this year, there’s a vast difference between Joe Biden, who ran for president during the 2020 presidential election, and Joe Biden, who is mucking up our country.

Biden’s policies were already atrocious. He showed warning signs of being senile on the campaign trail. However, Biden made some promises to the American people last year, promises he’s broken as president in less than one year.

One of the standouts has to be COVID vaccine mandates. When Biden was running to be president last year, he promised that he wouldn’t try to make these vaccines mandatory. Yet, within months of getting in office, Biden pulled out every stop to mandate the COVID vaccine.

At this time, Biden is losing the battle over these mandates. The federal courts have blocked every single vaccine mandate Biden’s tried to push through. Despite previous assurances from the White House, these mandates were supported legally and constitutionally.

As the 46th president continues to lose, the ugly tyrant within him is gradually coming out, as reported by The Federalist.

Amid the battles over vaccine mandates, many Americans believe they have the right to make their own medical decisions without the threat of job loss. Biden scoffed and mocked freedom while speaking at a CNN town hall months ago.

Earlier this week, the 46th president did the same thing. Biden lamented people were talking about the freedom not to have a COVID vaccine. From there, he asked, “what about patriotism” and stated that it was patriotic for people to get vaccinated against COVID not to pass the virus onto anyone else.

It is not the first time Biden’s made the untrue claims that getting vaccinated against COVID prevents transmission. Taking the COVID vaccine does not make you immune from getting or spreading the virus. Even the CDC has conceded this.

Any individual who makes light of hearing about “freedom” has no business being the president of the United States. However, the one silver lining to all is that Biden is gradually defeated.

For starters, his mandates remain tied up and blocked by the courts. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the organization Biden planned to enforce his mandate on US workers, has stated it won’t move forward with the mandate so long as the courts block it.

If Biden succeeded with these mandates, there’s no telling what he’d try to pull next. The following steps of defeating Biden will be ousting his party from congressional power during the 2022 midterms and then kicking him out of the White House during the 2024 presidential election.