Biden’s Medical Mandates Don’t Stand A Chance

When Joe Biden ran his 2020 campaign for the US presidency, he stated that he wouldn’t mandate coronavirus vaccines. However, months after getting into the White House, Biden reneged on this promise.

In September, Biden announced a series of nationwide, sweeping federal mandates that would come into effect. The 46th president seemingly didn’t anticipate massive pushback resulting in his mandates being taken to court by religious groups, Republican leaders, and business associations.

Several judges have already struck down various medical mandates from the Biden Administration. In a matter of days, the Supreme Court will listen to legal challenges against the vaccination mandates from the White House as well.

However, according to new polling, Biden’s mandates are in even more trouble, as RedState reports.

According to a new poll by Zogby, 53% of Americans support individual choice over medical mandates. Only 37% told the pollster they favor the latter over the former.

The numbers also show that solid majorities of Republicans (72%) and Independents (55%) support letting individuals make their own choices, as opposed to being strong-armed by mandates.

By contrast, only 33% of Democrats share this outlook, which isn’t all that shocking, to be frank. Democrat leaders have mainly been on board with mandates from the inception.

However, towards the end of 2021, the Democrat governors of Kansas and Michigan expressed concerns with COVID vaccine mandates coming from the Biden administration.

The mounting annoyance with Biden’s mandates serves as all the more ammunition for his party to lose the midterms. The 46th president is getting wind of this because he admitted that his vaccination mandates were unpopular during a speech last year.

It truly speaks volumes when the majority of the nation is not on board with medical mandates. It shows that this is a losing strategy for the Democrat Party. But it’s not so easy for the left to promptly distance themselves from these mandates.

For starters, the far-left base of the Democrats, which loves the mandates, will be furious if they see their party’s leaders back off trying to strong-arm people into making confident medical choices. Democrats are terrified of losing this support, even though these people are at odds with what most of the nation wants.

Secondly, if Democrats were to cede ground and back away from the mandates, they would be openly admitting that Republicans were right about the importance of individual choice all along.

At this point, the overarching truth is obvious: the mandates can go easy or go hard. Yet, one way or another, they’re going away. The American people have had enough.