Biden’s Meeting With PM Boris Johnson Is Illuminating

Boris Johnson, the British prime minister, met with Joe Biden at the White House on Tuesday. As far as the reporters said, the content of what they said was relatively meaningless. Biden waved his famous note cards about, while his aides made sure no reporters were allowed to ask him any questions. Biden and Boris were both disguised. It was a surrealist theatre.

Biden did not identify any American reporters for questions during an Oval Office meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. His staff shooed the media away when they attempted to ask the president. White House personnel even shouted over the British prime minister as he and Biden sat in their chairs as they attempted to get the media out of the room.

Reuters photographed Biden’s handwritten notes, which he waves about in public, as part of the visit. The first page was simple to read since one photo was so clear. It was a set of notes for someone who only connects with reality regularly. He is the president of the United States of America. To be honest, it’s terrifying.

Joe Biden had COVID, which appears to have a significant effect on him that he has shifted from conservative prime minister to a hard lefty. Boris Johnson has been vaccinated as well. It’s impossible to predict what Biden will say since his notes show that he has lost control of even the most fundamental facts in his life. That’s also scary. 

It’s hardly the type of thing that instills faith in the vaccination that Joe Biden requires American employees to take or risk losing their jobs. But, for the time being, Johnson is defying the dictatorship. Something has to give, and I sincerely hope it isn’t America.

The goal was to present a unified face ahead of their White House visit later this week. Both are required to keep the COP26 environment meeting on track.