Biden’s Memory Has Betrayed Him Yet Again

Just in the time that Joe Biden’s been president, he’s shown a disturbing level of forgetfulness. The sitting president is on record forgetting the name of his energy secretary, referring to his vice president as his wife, and otherwise confusing places, names, events, etc.

Whenever Biden does this in person, the people in his immediate orbit just seem to laugh it off. However, this is far from a joke. As the sitting president, Biden needs to be in the best possible shape to lead, make judgment calls, and appropriately represent the country.

Biden cannot do this if he’s forgetting things as frequently as he is. Former White House doctor Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) continues to warn that Biden’s cognitive functions are not where they should be, thus making him a threat to US national security.

Now, the president has once again proven Jackson’s point by failing to remember how long he’s been in office, according to PJ Media.

Diving Into Biden’s Latest Memory Lapse

On Thursday, the president spoke about what he views as some positives from his administration thus far.

Biden declared that America’s unemployment rate is at 3.6%; yet, he failed to mention the 8.5% inflation rate that is currently draining the wages, earnings, and savings of everyday Americans.

The president’s memory lapse presented itself when he said the 3.6% unemployment rate is lower than it was since he came into office “19 months ago.” However, Biden has only been in office for a total of 15 months.

Since Biden made this gaffe, the White House has officially scrubbed it from the written transcripts on its website. Still, anyone who heard Biden speak in real time, or simply watched a video playback, can see the incorrect timeframe he cited.

More Cover-ups to Come?

As Biden goes around making various blunders, his administration is always left cleaning up the mess and telling the public what he “really” meant to say.

In light of this, it’s very much on-brand for the White House to remove Biden’s gaffe from the written transcripts on its official government website.

The increasing frequency in which Biden forgets things, cites incorrect information, or shakes hands with thin air is very concerning.

For now, the White House seems to be working on this by putting more structure on Biden and his interactions with the public. Americans saw this during the Easter holiday when the Easter bunny ushered the president away from speaking to the media.