Biden’s Mental Acuity Questioned After Debate

For over three years, President Joe Biden’s handlers have kept him largely out of the public eye, limiting his appearances and controlling his interactions with the press. This approach is designed to avoid highlighting his frequent gaffes and physical mishaps.

iden’s public statements are typically brief, heavily scripted, and delivered with the aid of teleprompters or notecards. His handlers schedule these remarks at times when viewership is low. He rarely engages with the press, and when he does, the questions are often pre-selected.

Mainstream media outlets like CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, the New York Times, and the Washington Post have consistently portrayed Biden as mentally sharp. However, many Americans remain unconvinced.

During a recent debate in Atlanta, Biden’s mental fitness was starkly questioned. His performance was marked by numerous verbal blunders and incoherent statements. He struggled to maintain a coherent train of thought and at one point bizarrely stated, “We finally beat Medicare.”

Throughout the debate, Biden appeared confused and disoriented. The CNN cameras frequently cut away from him, likely to avoid showing these moments. Biden also seemed to glance at notes, despite rules against bringing materials on stage.

Speculation arose that Biden had advance notice of the debate questions. CNN’s Erin Burnett implied this post-debate, mentioning Biden knew “every one of these questions is coming.”

Biden’s factual inaccuracies were glaring. He falsely claimed no U.S. military personnel had died during his presidency, ignoring the deaths of 13 service members in Afghanistan and others in a drone attack near Syria. On abortion, he made a perplexing reference to women being raped by their “brothers and sisters.”

Former President Donald Trump, by contrast, delivered a composed and detailed critique of Biden’s record, highlighting his administration’s successes in the economy, job growth, border security, energy independence, and foreign policy.

A CNN poll conducted by SSRS after the debate showed 67% of respondents believed Trump won, while only 33% thought Biden did. This suggests a significant portion of the public views Biden as mentally unfit for office.

Biden’s debate performance exposed his vulnerabilities, raising concerns about his capacity to lead. With seven months remaining in his term, America’s adversaries may see him as a weak leader, potentially endangering national security.

The mainstream media’s efforts to protect Biden from scrutiny have prevented the public from fully understanding his cognitive limitations. This lack of transparency poses a serious issue for the nation’s leadership and security.