Biden’s Negligence On Immigration Comes Back To ‘Haunt’ Him

It is not an exaggeration to note that Biden’s negligence regarding immigration is an impeachment offense.

When Biden first took the White House, one of his first steps entailed rolling back Trump-era immigration laws. However, in the process of these rollbacks, Biden didn’t replace these laws with any practical measures.

Therefore, it created a situation where illegal immigrants, human traffickers, drug smugglers, and other unsavory characters have just been able to waltz on through without a care in the world.

Border Patrol agents have been doing their best to keep the situation at bay. However, Biden is tying their hands and making their jobs virtually impossible.

Whether Biden likes it or not, part of his oath of office as President entails upholding the immigration laws. The 46th President has consistently breached his oath of office in this regard, thus warranting his impeachment.

With Democrats controlling Congress, no one should hold their breath waiting for Biden to be impeached (for now). However, a brand new poll reveals just how displeased Americans are regarding Biden’s handling of immigration, per the Washington Free Beacon.

According to a Gallup poll, 58% of Americans are not happy with the levels of immigration pouring within the United States. Meanwhile, 35% of Americans believe there should be lower, not higher, levels of immigration into the country.

Dissatisfaction with immigration levels has risen by 8% since 2021. Meanwhile, current support for more immigration into the United States stands at a low of 9%.

This latest data from Gallup is very understandable. Someone can look at the epidemic of unlawful border crossings and the threats to communities.

The Biden Administration remains adamant in its refusal to act, something that leaves countless law-abiding Americans in jeopardy.

Despite the significant disapproval of what’s going on at the border, things are only going to get worse if Biden gets his way.

Throughout Congress, the President, Vice President, and multiple Democrats support mass amnesty and even grant citizenship to folks who illegally come to the United States.

The only way to prevent this outcome is by ensuring Democrats no longer have control of Congress after the November midterms. It will prevent not just immigration nightmares but also a host of other disasters.

The left has been clear that it sees no issue with Biden’s immigration reform or what’s going on at the border. Therefore, the onus remains with patriots voting accordingly.