Biden’s OCC Nominee Withdraws Her Candidacy

Weeks ago, Joe Biden nominated a perilous person to lead the Office of Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). Saule Omarova, the nominee Biden selected, has espoused a series of extremist views.

However, the most dangerous ones involved private banking in the United States and the nation’s energy industry. Omarova believes these things should be shut down altogether. She admitted as much on video and through other forums.

Even when such troubling remarks came to light, the Biden administration stood by its nomination of Omarova, singing her praises to no end.

However, Saule Omarova removed herself as a banking regulator nominee in an exciting turn of events, as confirmed by TheBlaze.

In a statement withdrawing her candidacy, Omarova declared it was no longer feasible to continue forward. Likewise, it doesn’t take a genius to understand why.

Omarova’s remarks about private banking and the energy industry came back to bite her during Senate confirmation hearings. Omarova failed in downplaying what she said despite her best efforts.

Both Republicans and moderate Democrats alike made their issues known with Omarova. Senators stated they would not cast their votes for this nominee due to her views about banking and energy in the United States.

It appears as though Omarova realized she didn’t stand a chance of ever overseeing the OCC. After Omarova’s withdrawal of her candidacy, countless people took to social media to cheer the decision.

The White House responded to Saule Omarova walking away by releasing a statement about how great she felt.

For someone like Saule Omarova to even get in the vicinity of the OCC is incredibly dangerous. It should be common sense to know that anyone who wants to take a sledgehammer to private banking in the United States should not be confirmed as a banking regulator.

Republicans were able to see this, as were some moderate Democrats in the Senate. Yet, somehow, such an obvious truth escaped Biden.

The 46th president’s willingness to put an anti-private banking radical in line to head the OCC potentially speaks to his extreme nature. After nominating Omarova, Biden can no longer pretend to be a moderate Democrat.

Moderate Democrats in the Senate had enough sense to stand up and realize Omarova would be incredibly destructive as a banking regulator. Biden has yet to learn this and repeatedly lauded Omarova every chance he got.