Biden’s Own Press Secretary Admits His Lack Of Comprehension Skills

Jen Psaki, the press secretary of the White House, is responsible for propping up both Biden and his administration. Psaki’s job is to communicate the Biden agenda to the nation while making this agenda appear in the most favorable possible light.

Since the inception of the Biden administration, Psaki has come under fire for repeatedly lying to the American public. The White House press secretary never hesitates to bend the truth or even ultimately make things up if it helps the Biden administration.

However, even Psaki slips up and tells the underlying truth now and then. It happened when she was asked about some recent comments from Biden, as pointed out by PJ Media.

When Biden was running for president in 2020, he promised that he would always take responsibility and remember that his leadership was an act of service to the American people.

However, these vows are far from the current Biden that occupies the Oval Office. Just days ago, when Biden was asked about higher gas costs, he declared there wasn’t much that could be done.

Naturally, it’s concerning to hear such rhetoric from the president of the United States. Biden made these comments shortly after departing Air Force One. Not long afterward, Psaki was asked by the media to account for her boss’ statements.

To this end, the White House press secretary admitted that Biden sometimes lacks “super-comprehensive” skills. Psaki stated this tends to happen after the president has departed an airplane and gets into a vehicle.

Psaki isn’t telling Americans anything new in admitting that Biden’s comprehension skills are not all the way there. Nevertheless, at a time when domestic and international crises are afoot, it’s not a great time to have a president who can’t understand what’s happening around him.

What’s more, Biden could make several moves to reduce the gas costs Americans are paying.

He could lift the ban he implemented against the Keystone Pipeline this year. Biden likewise has the choice to stop going to other countries for oil and allow domestic oil production.

Lifting restrictions on fracking, oil drilling, etc., are additional measures Biden could employ to free America of sky-high gas costs. Sadly, Biden is resisting these common-sense measures at every turn, thereby forcing Americans to suffer unnecessarily.

Now more than ever, the United States needs a president who is at their best, ready to lead and prepared to put America first.