Biden’s Personal Attorney Met With Feds

President Joe Biden’s attorney, Patrick Moore, reportedly met with federal investigators following the discovery of classified documents found in the UPenn Biden Center.

Moore turned over the classified materials he found at the Biden center to the National Archives a day after the discovery, according to the White House counsel’s office.

Just The News reported, “Moore discovered the materials while clearing out Biden’s former office at the Penn Biden Center in Washington last November.” Afterward, he sat down for an interview with the office of U.S. Attorney John Lausch.

CNN reported that the interactions between the attorneys were not reported in a “302” form.

Attorney Lausch is the federal official who reviewed the classified documents prior to the appointment of a special counsel. After Lausch’s review, Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Robert Hur to lead the criminal investigation.

Hur’s team will build off of Lausch’s work and may re-interview witnesses in the criminal investigation, KQ2 states.

Additionally, upon discovery that former president Donald Trump took classified documents to his residence, Mar-a-Lago, the Biden White House condemned Trump’s storage of classified materials at his estate. The act subsequently led to an FBI raid at his residence.

After the discovery of Biden’s documents, his legal team conducted searches of other spaces to find classified materials. The search led to the discovery of additional documents at his Delaware home. Documents were found in the garage and in an adjacent room.

“The Department of Justice reportedly opted against having FBI agents oversee a search by President Joe Biden’s lawyers for classified documents at his private homes,” according to Just the News.

Furthermore, the Wall Street Journal reported that the DOJ considered having FBI agents monitor Biden’s personal attorneys during their search.

The Daily Mail revealed a deal was struck in which Biden’s attorneys would conduct the search without FBI presence, however, they had to immediately report their findings to the agency. The search led to the infamous documents found in Biden’s garage and “personal library.”

The president has evaded questions surrounding the scandal. NBC stated, “President Biden refused again to answer questions about his handling of classified documents amid a special counsel investigation.”