Biden’s Plan to Get Oil From Saudi Arabia is Not Going to Work

Joe Biden’s energy policies have done a shocking amount of damage to America in a fairly short time period.

In January 2021, thousands of blue-collar workers had their jobs ripped away after Biden signed an executive order shutting down Keystone XL pipeline operations. Going forward from this point, the president sabotaged oil/gas lease sales and even stopped drilling on federal lands and waters.

Yet, at the same time, Biden is lashing out at energy companies for not drilling enough oil. He’s also pointing to high gas prices and saying energy executives are price-gouging.

On multiple occasions, various energy giants have explained how Biden’s own policies caused energy issues in the country. The president’s also been invited to work with America’s energy sector. Yet, he refuses.

Biden’s strategy when it comes to energy in America is to go to foreign nations (mainly ones that hate the United States) and ask them for oil.

Recently, French President Emmanuel Macron gave Biden a wake-up call concerning this plan.

Dead on Arrival
During Biden’s time at the G-7 summit, he was caught on camera having a conversation with his French counterpart. During this time, Macron was heard telling Biden that both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are at their limit when it comes to oil production.

This is very humiliating for Biden, especially since he’s been insisting before the world that America is “back” with him as president.

Biden already went to Iran for oil. However, after this regime turned him down, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates were his next planned stops.

With Macron’s conversation with Biden caught on camera, the latter will not be able to argue he was unaware of the global situation concerning oil availability.

The ball is now in Biden’s court concerning whether or not he will still stick with his anti-US energy policies.

Out of Options
Macron’s revelation to Biden comes as conservatives and oil giants here in America have been repeatedly calling for a return to domestic energy independence.

With Iran, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia out as potential suppliers for US oil, Biden is back to square one.

The president can either facilitate the production of American energy or he can continue dragging the country down a path of destruction.