Biden’s Plan Will Tank The Economy Worse Than Ever Before

Democrats will use reconciliation, a tool that makes a budget easier to pass in the Senate. Typically, bills slow down in the Senate, which is known as the more deliberate deliberative body. 

Rather than 60 votes, a reconciliation bill only requires 51. It also cannot be filibustered. So that means it is likely we will be strapped with a $3.5 Trillion boondoggle. 

It is the Democrat plan: bulldozing the middle class with taxes, a universal Pre-K program to indoctrinate more children, adding dental, vision, and hearing benefits to Medicare which will only increase the implosion of entitlements, plus the Green New Deal to gut the economy, and more garbage can “infrastructure” spending to guarantee that friends of Democrats get paid off if they have not reached their piece of the action yet. 

Liberals do not want to be dominated by moderate Democrats or conservative minority rule. As if the normal legislative process has constrained them, they reject it. Instead, they will misuse reconciliation to pass the more exorbitant bill in American history. 

Remember when Obamacare, what was known as the Affordable Care Act, changed how Congress members vote? This massive healthcare reform bill was finally passed on March 21, 2010. Obamacare became law after a 60-39 vote in the Senate and a 219-212 in the House. Entirely on party lines, the vote was an effort to force-feed the American general socialized medicine. Even though 34 Democrats broke ranks to vote against the new entitlement, it has altered health care in this nation. 

Calling for bipartisanship requires a reasonable faith effort from the Democrats to pass a reasonable budget. We are long past that point. A Biden-Harris administration that is already failing will only increase the speed of our economic destruction. 

Extremist Democrats are negotiating with Radical Democrats on the best way to tank the economy and personally benefit from it. Let us do away with the idea that moderate Democrats like Senator Kyrsten Sinema (AZ) and Senator Joe Manchin (WV) will save us. 

In 2009-2010, all so-called moderate Democrats surrendered to pressure when passing Obamacare. The vast majority of them lost their seats after the bill passed, but they were the sacrificial lambs the party demanded. 

West Virginia voted for Donald Trump by 69%. Yet, the state also elected a Democratic Party hack to whom many pundits have now pinned their hopes of averting a financial disaster. Good luck with that. 

Arizona is still being contested because of irregularities in 57,000 votes from Maricopa County, which held the margin in the state for Joe Biden at 11,000 votes. Kyrsten Sinema may not be Bernie Sanders, but she will get the Bernie treatment, be attacked by her party, and be paid off. 

Filibusters have thankfully stopped statistics from achieving dictatorial power more often than they have prevented sound legislation from being passed. Democrats utilized the filibuster more than 300 times during the Trump presidency. No filibuster is possible today, with the Republican Senator Mitch McConnell leading the resistance. 

The 2017 Republican tax cuts, which were passed under reconciliation, were based on financial requirements. But, as with so many GOP bills, leadership cannot lead, and followers will not follow. John McCain and Mitt Romney took great personal pride in mucking up the works on most of Trump’s bills. Thus, it remains virtually impossible to gain the votes needed to pass a bill the old-fashioned way. 

The policy gap between Democrats and Republicans is too broad. There is no compromise. Should a divided Congress in a polarized nation even contemplate generational changes which will indelibly affect our county? 

Our US Constitution was designed to slow the excess of political folly. Rather than passing enormous, groundbreaking bills, we function better with incremental steps of innovation. Constitutional amendments and conventions are meant to be complicated. If we alter the legal structures at all, it should be done thoughtfully. Conservatives tend to reject many changes and would prefer fewer bills and laws overall. But liberals want a bramble of rules and regulations to entrap citizens in the web of statism.