Biden’s Policies Are Leading Us Straight To A Health Crisis

Vaccine hesitancy is a Republican trait. It’s a patriotic sign of government defiance that increases health risks for the United States. Or, does everyone have the freedom to believe whatever they want?

Democrats spend 2020 denying the Covid-19 Vaccine efficiency because President Donald Trump was the President responsible for its release. Nancy Pelosi had the same energy about stimulus bills that would help Americans during the pandemic, and she didn’t want Trump’s name on them, so she didn’t want them passed.

During her debate with Mike Pence, Kamala Harris said that she wouldn’t trust a vaccine released under Donald Trump and Biden said the same. Democrats in 2021 have taken away rights from citizens and rely on mob rule with vaccinations currently, and we’re talking about the same vaccine. Biden’s administration didn’t start over and make a new vaccine, and it’s the same vaccine the Trump administration created. But now, it’s safe, and you have to get it whether you choose to or not, or so it seems.

The Biden administration knows they can’t make everyone get the Covid-19 vaccine, so they rely on private businesses to deny unvaccinated people access to their business and deny employment opportunities. Science tells a different story.

Let’s start with Biden’s statement about Trump and the Federal Drug Administration. Biden said, “If and when the vaccine comes, it’s not likely to go through all the tests that it needs to be, and the trials that are needed to be done.” And, since the vaccine has yet to be approved by the FDA under Biden, why the concerns about a pandemic of the unvaccinated?

Scientifically, natural antibodies produced when infected with Covid-19 and recovered are still being studied, just like the vaccine efficiency. We are still far from having long-term data to determine what is best for each individual. Whether Covid-19 mutates to the point where it becomes more lethal but based on the data we have now, we can see that the Covid-19 vaccine and natural antibodies are similar and that natural antibodies may be more effective at protecting against Covid-19.

The problem is with Biden’s hypocrisy. First, he started the Vaxed or Masked claim, and now it’s vaxed, masked, and you can’t leave your house, and if you haven’t been vaccinated, you’ll never leave until you get vaccinated to get your freedom back. It is all illegal. You can’t ostracize someone from society because they didn’t take a vaccine that isn’t FDA approved. It’s against U.S. code 21 to mandate emergency use of authorized vaccines. It’s against the law for the federal government to tell businesses who they can or can’t accept into their business. All of it. Against the law.

Every citizen has rights that can’t be violated. The fourth amendment restricts the government fr3om unreasonable search and seizure, which would allow businesses to deny access by anyone not vaccinated, but the government can’t step in and force them. Otherwise, that’s the government violating your rights. Mayor de Blasio forcing New Yorkers to deny access to businesses for unvaccinated people will get shot down in federal court because of this fact.

It’s the same if a citizen searches someone, they can’t violate your fourth amendment right, but if the government tells an individual to search you, your fourth amendment right has been broken. It’s just like a police officer who will tell you, “I can’t give you permission or deny you permission to do this or that.” It’s because that law enforcement officer can’t tell you to do something that would violate someone’s rights.

The government of Vice President Joe Biden also claims that the immunization would save your life. It isn’t always true, and I’ll explain why. Vaccines always have adverse effects, and some of them are fatal. The mRNA Covid-19 vaccine has been deadly to a small number of people, and though small, it’s essential to be transparent with people about adverse effects. This vaccine is still very new, although vaccines like it aren’t. Many people are waiting on more data and information to come out before getting vaccinated, which is their right. Lack of transparency has been the real cause of vaccine hesitancy because we live in a country founded on government rebellion, and we still hold that same ideology near and dear to our hearts. The government will have a difficult time forcing anything upon us.