Biden’s Public Antics Are Becoming “Increasingly Disturbing”

By now, much of the nation is familiar with the antics of the 46th President. When Biden’s not whispering in front of microphones, he’s swearing at reporters or shouting in front of speech podiums.

Throughout Biden’s presidential tenure, his antics have become worse and worse. Biden spoke incomprehensibly during his latest visit to Pittsburgh to promote an infrastructure law. He also made a series of odd statements and even forgot the names of his aides on several occasions.

At this point, it’s more apparent than ever that Biden isn’t all the way there. However, the increasingly disturbing antics of this President now have more people questioning how much of Biden remains, as American Thinker points out.

Before the eyes of this very nation, the President of the United States appears to be coming apart at the seams. Just days ago, first lady Jill Biden had to help her husband walk away from the podium after speaking.

Biden’s wife was physically holding his hand and leading him in the right direction as he feebly followed. Meanwhile, the glazed-over, lost look in Biden’s eyes made it appear as though he wasn’t truly aware of what was going on.

It isn’t all, though. In a speech where Biden talked about an initiative to take on cancer, he began disturbingly whispering into the microphone. It became hard to determine what the President was even talking about at several points.

In between Biden’s slurred words about “Moonshot” and “patients” allegedly not wanting to “share data,” many observers took to Twitter to question what was wrong with the person who’s supposed to be President.

As Biden crumbles before the nation, his leftist allies continue to intervene on his behalf. One of the latest examples of this comes from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Biden is supposed to give his annual State of the Union Address before Congress in March. However, Speaker Pelosi plans to implement a rule stating that no more than 25 individuals can attend the State of the Union Address in person.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy described this as absurd and noted that Democrats routinely engage in meetings and travel with more than 25 people.

Meanwhile, the consensus is that Pelosi ultimately wants to prevent as many people as possible from witnessing Biden’s decline in person. Back in 2021, Biden’s State of the Union Address was delayed for months on end.

Between Biden’s apparent cognitive decline and the unprecedented measures being employed by Pelosi, there’s no telling how much of a mess the 2022 State of the Union Address will turn out to be.