Biden’s Rhetoric On 2022 Midterms Comes Back To Bite Him

Since the 2020 presidential election, Democrats have been running with the narrative that nobody has the right to so much as question the results. To the left, the failure to accept the outcomes of elections is an act of treason, insurrection, and danger to our republic.

However, as par for the course with the Democrat Party, they say one thing and then wind up doing something entirely different. This ongoing hypocrisy is beyond old and played out. Yet, the political left is determined never to give it up.

With the November midterm elections being months away, Biden was asked whether he thinks these races’ outcomes will be legitimate during his press conference days ago.

The 46th President responded by immediately casting down on the legitimacy of the midterms, saying it will depend on whether or not Democrats can federalize elections.

Later, the White House tried to clean up what Biden said. Nevertheless, it was not well received by the American public, as told by TheBlaze.

First and foremost, it didn’t take long for Republicans and conservatives to take Biden to the woodshed.

Biden was called out accordingly for making baseless and hypocritical statements about our country’s elections, especially in light of his criticism towards conservatives who raised doubts about 2020.

However, Republicans and the political right were not the only folks to take issue with Biden saying the midterms could potentially be illegitimate. Moderate Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin declared that he believes the Department of Justice will do its job and ensure the integrity of the midterms.

Meanwhile, CNN hosts Dana Bash and Jake Tapper also slammed Biden. Bash declared it was “jarring” for her to hear a president cast doubt on US elections outside of Trump. Meanwhile, Tapper accused Biden of taking a page out of Trump’s book and embracing “the big lie.”

CNN has grown increasingly critical of Biden, his empty promises, and pitiful poll numbers over the past several months. It speaks volumes, seeing as CNN is an openly leftist network that goes out of its way to defend Democrats.

Despite the unfounded rhetoric from Biden, there’s absolutely no shred of evidence even to infer that the upcoming midterms might not be legitimate.

In truth, what Biden is scared of is Republicans taking back the Senate, the House of Representatives, or both. The 46th President knows that if the GOP even takes back the majority of just one chamber, he won’t be able to pass virtually any piece of legislation with a blank check.

Quite frankly, November can’t get here quickly enough.