Biden’s Subservience To Putin Invites More ‘Geopolitical Disasters’

Russia leader Vladimir Putin is taking Biden to the woodshed repeatedly for the entire world to witness.

For starters, Putin’s Administration and officials have laughed in the face of the sanctions that Biden’s repeatedly threatened to wage against Russia. Secondly, over the weekend, Putin turned down pleas from Biden for a meeting in exchange for leaving Ukraine alone.

It couldn’t be more clear that Putin doesn’t take Biden seriously. What’s more, Biden hasn’t shown any real strength or courage for the Russian President to take seriously. It is why Putin is now doing what he wouldn’t have dared try with Trump as President.

National Review explains how Biden and his Administration continue to embarrass themselves before Russia and the rest of the world.

Before Putin carried out his initial moves to take Ukraine, Biden and his Administration announced that harsh and never-before-seen sanctions would befall the Russian government if they targeted Ukraine.

Although Putin’s called Biden’s bluff, the latter has failed miserably. It turns out the almighty sanctions boasted about by the White House don’t even target Russia’s critical supplies, such as their banks, gas and oil exports, airports, etc.

Instead, the monumental sanctions the Biden Administration talked about have amounted to nothing more than mild penalties on higher-up Russia elites, sovereign debts, trade, etc.

These sanctions do absolutely nothing to get Putin’s attention or make a monumental impact. Biden’s failure to launch the appropriate sanctions is all the more reason why the Russian government announced weeks ago that Putin couldn’t care less about sanctions from the US government.

As Putin makes a fool of Biden, the rest of the globe is watching and making moves accordingly.

Already, there is a genuine likelihood of China moving in against Taiwan in a manner that mirrors Russia’s onslaughts against Ukraine. Biden’s presidency has very clearly sent a message to US enemies that now is the time for them to make their moves before a better President is leading America’s government.

If Xi Jinping does decide to go after Taiwan, everyone can count on Biden’s reaction being as underwhelming then as it is now. Of course, just as Russia’s attacks on Ukraine have severe implications on the US, so will China’s potential attacks against Taiwan.

Biden’s subservience to Putin means no telling what comes next regarding international affairs.