Biden’s Subservience To Putin Is An ‘International Embarrassment’

Throughout Biden’s horrific tenure as president, he’s been unbelievably hostile towards the American people.

This president’s hostility has repeatedly manifested in a series of forms. Some of the most relevant examples include his assertion that Americans suffer from psychological ailments impairing them, seeing how well he’s done.

Biden also snapped at GOP governors opposing his medical tyranny. That’s not to mention the president’s failed attempt to coerce individuals into getting COVID vaccines. Likewise, Biden’s been on record blaming unvaccinated people for COVID, even though the vaccine doesn’t stop anyone from spreading or contracting the virus.

Time and time again, Biden shows he’s more than willing to behave in aggressive and tyrannical fashions with the American people. However, Biden becomes immediately subservient when dealing with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

It’s an international embarrassment, as PJ Media points out.

Last year, Biden gutted the energy independence of the United States while simultaneously making our nation more dependent on Russia for energy. Biden shut down US pipelines while giving Russia the all-clear to proceed with their pipelines.

As Putin attacks Ukraine, Biden is doing little more than sharing harsh words during public speeches and launching lackluster sanctions here and there. Just this past weekend, Biden also announced the postponement of US missile attempts in the hopes of not angering Putin.

Meanwhile, Putin appears to have completely lost his mind. Not only is he continuing his war against Ukraine, but he’s also lobbying threats of nuclear war towards the West. The Russian president would never have even considered this when Trump was president of the United States.

Biden loves to talk tough about how terrible Putin is. However, his words are not followed up with the appropriate actions. It is why Putin has no problem with brazenly starting and threatening wars as Biden holds the US White House.

At this point, the underlying reason behind Biden’s fear of Putin could be anyone’s guess. However, it certainly doesn’t bode well for the United States, Ukraine or another Western world.

When President Trump set foot in the White House, Democrats repeatedly screamed that the Russian government somehow owned him.

However, Trump kept Putin in light, while Biden has proven he’s incapable of doing so. Along with Biden bending the knee to Putin repeatedly raises many reasonable questions.

Perhaps everyone should start looking into whether or not the 46th president has been bought and paid for by the Russian government or even Putin himself.