Biden’s Terrible Poll Numbers Have Democrats In Quite The Bind

From an objective standpoint, Joe Biden is doing a terrible job as the president of the United States. During the 2020 election, Biden talked a good game about shutting down COVID. Yet, more deaths from the virus have occurred under his presidency than they did under Trump.

Let’s also not forget about Biden’s crusade against energy independence in the nation. The president wants the United States to depend on OPEC for energy purposes wholly. It is something that even moderate Democrats like Joe Manchin have sounded the alarm over.

Amid these problems and countless others, Biden’s poll numbers are barely passing 40%. For this reason, growing numbers of House and Senate Democrats are looking to strategically distance themselves from the president, as documented by PJ Media.

Congressional Democrats were some of the strongest advocates of Biden getting elected. However, it now seems that Democrats regret this, at least to some degree.

Thus far, a whopping 19 congressional Democrats confirmed they wouldn’t seek additional terms in Congress. Some are retiring altogether. Meanwhile, other congressional Democrats are looking to be mayors, governors, etc.

Biden’s rising unpopularity is undoubtedly and steadily trickling down onto the Democrat Party and its lawmakers in Congress. It has created a subsequent bind for the left where they are now trying to explain things away and avoid taking body blows because of Biden’s foolishness.

Sensing impending doom in the 2022 midterms, House and Senate Democrats now seek to change the narrative about the extent of Biden’s unpopularity and catastrophic poll numbers.

For instance, Democrat Sens. Chris Murphy and Bob Casey have claimed issues with the Biden administration boil down to messaging and communication styles. So apparently, leftists with this train of thought believe if the White House merely switched up how it conveys details to the public, Biden would be faring better in the polls.

It is an outright falsehood. Biden’s sinking numbers in the polls have absolutely nothing to do with communication or messaging styles. His unpopularity has everything to do with being a failed president who has no clue how to lead.

Biden’s terrible poll numbers are because everything has become more expensive. Meanwhile, critical supplies like prescription drugs for cancer, heart treatments, etc., are on backorder.

As Biden foolishly tours the country to discuss infrastructure, he hasn’t given the economy a single bit of mind. He’s urging Congress to pass the Build Back Better Act, another wasteful spending bill that will drive inflation through the stratosphere.