Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Is So Vicious It’s Making Sean Hannity More Racist

With the White House administration unflinchingly pressing forward with its unconstitutional vaccine mandate, despite the vast, resounding reply of protest from so many government officials as well as the people, many Americans are getting restless about a government that is so willing, so eager, to run roughshod over their freedoms, and to brazenly ignore the supreme law of the land as it imposes arbitrary and capricious rules on millions of people.

The bitterness and resentment are looking to boil over at any point now if the Covid warriors will not relent and desist from pursuing a policy so hostile to millions of Americans. The national morale is so severely devastated. President Joe Biden takes his leave of absence over the chaos he’s left the nation and world, vacationing recently at Rehoboth Beach in Sussex County, where Fox News channel host Sean Hannity is becoming even more racist.

In his opening monologue on Monday, Sean Hannity took a look at the border crisis, where some twelve thousand foreigners have amassed under a bridge, the Acuna-Del Rio Bridge in Texas. The migrants crossed the border without permission from U.S. authorities, triggering a crisis for federal government border control and enforcement.

But Sean Hannity, who along with thousands of other famous leaders and influencers from every walk of life, even Nicki Minaj, and millions of other Americans, quite rightly opposes vaccine mandates for U.S. citizens, then turned the point of the Biden administration’s intrusion on fundamental human rights as well as our constitutional boundaries, toward the immigrants who crossed the border without permission from the government.

He wondered why the government wasn’t treating the migrants that way, noting there is a “vaccine mandate for millions of American citizens, but not for any of the illegal immigrants.” The violation of human rights, the fundamental lack of respect for human dignity and self-determination when it comes to the integrity of each of our bodies, the government’s abuse rolls downhill in the mad world of political power games.

Suppose Joe Biden’s going to do it to American citizens. In that case, he should do it to all the immigrants detained at the border, too, because that would make things fairer in Sean Hannity’s bizarre moral calculus of what an impoverished view of fair play Hannity has. His view toward the vaccine mandates is like the way the socialists look at poverty.
In the famous observation of the Iron Lady, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, socialists wouldn’t care if the poor were poorer provided the rich were less wealthy. So long as they even things out for everyone, so it’s fair, they’d gladly even things out in the worse direction for everyone. That’s how proponents of big government think.

Now maybe we can cut Sean a little slack because this entire sustained attack on our freedoms and our economy has been so ferocious and relentless. We’re all stressed out right now. It is what Joe wants, to divide us against each other, to make us despise people as desperate as these migrants at the border. He wants to exact this kind of divide and conquer situation out of all these violations of lives and our peace of mind.