Biden’s War On American Workers Is Just Getting Started

Time and time again, this country has witnessed Joe Biden make one move after the other to absolutely cripple American workers.

Biden’s first actual move came in January when he stopped the Keystone XL Pipeline. In doing this, the 46th president wiped out 11,000 jobs with the stroke of a pen. Since then, Biden’s faced bipartisan calls to restore the pipeline, yet he refuses.

Not long after this came Biden’s COVID vaccine mandates. The president stated that workers who refuse to be vaccinated against the virus would lose their jobs. Furthermore, Biden also threatened businesses that fail to enforce COVID vaccine requirements with crushing mandates to put them out of business.

Thankfully, multiple federal judges have stepped in to halt these mandates from going into effect. However, Biden’s war on American workers is far from over, as Breitbart News points out.

In a nutshell, one of the many negative ramifications of the Build Back Better Act, should it pass into law, will be mass amnesty. With this amnesty, almost ten million new workers will compete with US workers.

As documented by, the result of this is going to be the reduction of American workers’ earnings. Biden views mass amnesty, thereby reducing Americans’ earnings, as the answer to dealing with inflation and labor shortages.

Biden’s not the only one, either. Democrats like Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer are right there with Biden, calling for Congress to pass the Build Back Better Act. For years, Democrats have been all in favor of mass amnesty. This bill will give them precisely if it’s not stopped in Congress.

The last thing Americans need is their wages being slashed at a time of economic crisis. Democrats don’t care, though. They see amnesty as a way to add to their shrinking voter base, especially as Americans grow wise to the danger of the leftist agenda.

If the Build Back Better Act does not pass Congress by some chance, the United States will have dodged a nuclear bullet. Right now, there is a possibility the legislation will not pass in its present form.

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin is a moderate Democrat who has expressed reservations about the Build Back Better Act. Manchin furthermore noted his concerns with the level of spending this bill entails, stating he’s not on board with the present version of the Build Back Better Act.

Amid a 50/50 split chamber, Senate Democrats are wholly reliant upon Manchin to pass any piece of legislation. To this end, there will likely be some changes made to the Build Back Better Act, and that’s if it passes at all.