Biden’s War On US Jobs Has Done ‘Substantial Damage’

Under the Biden Administration, employment in the United States has taken one hit after the other. This current President has done everything possible to make it that much harder for Americans to obtain and keep their jobs.

Inflation, alone, is bringing hardships into the American people’s lives. With prices going up, everyday Americans’ wages decrease in economic value. They aren’t progressing or rising to the same extent as inflation.

Biden and the Democrats are in a tight spot. They know they haven’t done well. They know they have low approval ratings and are therefore all but guaranteed to be defeated in the November congressional races.

As Democrats try in vain to escape this fate, Americans must remember Biden’s harmful impacts on this country’s jobs, according to American Thinker.

Biden got this country off to a horrific start in January 2021 when he whacked at least 11,000 jobs by putting an end to the permit for Keystone Pipeline. The Biden Administration tried to explain this by declaring “green jobs” would appear in the places of lost employment. More than one year later, these so-called green jobs have not appeared.

At this time, consumer confidence is at record lows, whereas unemployment claims are at record highs. Let’s not forget the negative impacts this President continues to have on the energy sector and its associated jobs.

Biden put folks out of work by moving to ban federal drilling. He’s also squeezed banks not to issue loans to energy producers. It comes on top of the sitting President halting US energy production, a decision that’s led to skyrocketing gas costs and other problems.

Biden’s vaccine mandates haven’t done the economy any favor. However, the Supreme Court did US workers and businesses a great favor by striking down the mandate Biden wanted to impose on businesses and workers throughout the country.

America needs more jobs, not fewer. To make this happen, Biden and other government bureaucrats need to get out of the way and let the free market do its thing.
At this juncture in the United States, the best defense of Americans’ jobs comes from denying Biden the benefit of having the Senate and House of Representatives controlled by his party.

It means voting Democrats out of office come November. Thankfully, one poll after the other indicates American voters are planning to do precisely that. US jobs will be better off for it, as will the United States as a whole.