Biden’s Weakness Brings America To A ‘Dire Juncture’

When it comes to leadership on the world stage, Joe Biden has consistently shown unbelievable levels of weakness.

It has created a dynamic where American allies are unsure if they can rely on us. Meanwhile, our enemies have no qualms about joining forces and making aggressive moves to America’s best interests.

When President Trump was in office, he led with strength. In doing this, the 45th President let the world know the United States wasn’t to be messed with or pushed around. Biden, meanwhile, has taken the polar opposite approach, thus leading to a series of disasters.

According to Breitbart News, Biden is now making a fool of himself regarding his interactions with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

For weeks, the US government under Biden’s control has threatened various sanctions against Russia if it dares to strike Ukraine. Meanwhile, an official for the Russian government had made it known in colorful terms that Putin couldn’t care less about the sanctions Biden threatens to impose.

Then, over the weekend, news broke that the Russian President had already made up his mind to strike Ukraine. It led to Biden canceling his plan to visit Delaware and instead announcing via the White House his decision to convene with Putin, so long as the latter doesn’t attack Ukraine.

Time and time again, Biden’s shown subservience to Putin. It’s no coincidence that Putin’s gotten more brave and willing to launch attacks with the current President in office, but not during Trump’s presidency.

Despite how much the left despises this, Putin had respect for Trump. Putin does not have any respect for Biden. Rather than Biden calling the shots and setting the record straight, he’s behaving in a way that’s reactive to whatever the Russian leader decides.

As the current President bends the knee to Putin, American enemies are rapidly joining forces.

The alliance between Russia and China is one prime example. Both of these nation’s leaders know that Biden is not a leader who will take any real stand to defend America or US allies. It has created a situation where leaders like Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping know that now is the time to make their moves.

If Russia does strike Ukraine, it will set off a chain of reactions that no one can fully anticipate or predict just yet. It’s unclear what Biden thinks he will achieve during another meeting with his Russian counterpart.