Bill Gates Gives Truly ‘Creepy’ Answer When Questioned About Jeffrey Epstein

Instead of “Epstein didn’t kill himself,” can we say “Epstein didn’t do it by himself?” The list of people attached to Jefferey Epstein is incredibly long, and more interesting answers are discovered every day.  

Prince Andrews answers questions by a reporter about Epstein and displays fascinating body language and mannerisms while speaking that it’s almost undeniable that he had some nefarious involvement with Epstein. After more information was disclosed by a federal judge who made the court file public several months ago and Ghislaine Maxwell isn’t convicted or absolved of charges, more information must be disclosed.  

Bill Gates’ relationship with Epstein is one of the biggest questions with Bill and Hillary Clinton. Gates was interviewed about his interactions and relationship with Epstein, and his responses were odd. 

Gates said that he had dinners with Epstein and regrets it. He says that the meetings didn’t purport what he was putting off, and he stopped them. Pause there. 

Melinda Gates noted that she divorced Bill because of his relationship with Epstein. Bill flew on Epstein’s plane several times and went to Epstein’s home on many more occasions. If Bill wanted to deal with Epstein financially, it shouldn’t take long to determine that Epstein wouldn’t play along.  

When asked what Bill knew about Epstein’s past, he diverted the question and reiterated that he regretted the meetings and stopped them. Why divert the question if Epstein is dead and Maxwell is on trial. Suppose Bill learned that Epstein was a child trafficker and enjoyed being physically involved with underage women. In that case, he should have answered, “Yes, when I discovered that Epstein was a weirdo, I stopped meeting with him immediately.” Wouldn’t that be simple? Not exactly.  

Bill may not have been involved with Epstein in that way, but to disclose who Epstein was and their relationship, he would have to either cover for other people or incriminate them. Bill and Hillary Clinton seem to have the longest and most intimate relationship with Epstein, so Bill Gates would have to disclose what he knew.  

Gates also said nothing new on that, but that’s obvious because Epstein is dead.  

Bill Gates’ body language during the interview told a bigger story. His hands were fumbling, and he continued to direct his eyes elsewhere while coming up with answers on the fly. Bill Gates originally stated that he was dealing with Epstein for global health, but as stated above, that wouldn’t have landed them together for years.  

The conspiracies that the Clintons killed Epstein are far and wide, but Gates’ body language seemed to tell a different story than he was telling. When Gates responded with “He’s dead,” he smirked and continued, indicating a successful mission. He seems proud rather than neutral. It isn’t comforting.