Bill Gates is Back With More Unsolicited Health Advice

Over the past two years, the American public has faced a string of ongoing health advice.

Due to COVID, people were told to stay in their homes, shut down their businesses, wear face masks, remain six feet apart from others, and otherwise rearrange their lives.

Americans were informed that taking these precautions against COVID, along with getting vaccinated and boosted, would beat back coronavirus; yet, to this day, COVID remains.

Due to the emergence of this virus, it’s raised questions about whether future pandemics may come to pass. To this end, Bill Gates is weighing in with his thoughts on some good prevention strategies.

Gates on Stopping Future Pandemics
According to the Microsoft co-founder, the 1995 movie Outbreak is a great blueprint for rapid crisis response. Gates claimed the film “nailed it” in putting together a group to stop global health threats.

However, there are some very disturbing parts of Outbreak’s plot that Americans have since drawn attention to. For one thing, in the 1995 movie, the corrupt government had a hand in the disease’s development for bio-weapon purposes.

In Outbreak, the government tries to conceal its involvement in creating the disease with an attempted bombing of a small town. What ended up saying the lives of people in this town was the protagonist ultimately going against bad military commands.

Following Gates calling for Outbreak to be made into “a reality,” some people questioned if he’d even watched the movie or read about its plot details online.

More Troubling Remarks From Gates
In many ways, the Microsoft co-founder’s statements about 1995’s Outbreak are on-brand with other comments he made about health crises.

Towards the end of 2020, Gates applauded lockdowns as “appropriate.” He even went as far as to claim that during this year alone, Americans shouldn’t expect a return back to normal life.

Of course, this earned him criticism on social media as well. During the lockdowns that Gates praised as “appropriate,” many Americans were losing everything they’d ever worked for.

Alcoholism, mental health problems, domestic violence, and other very real problems along similar lines were rising as well. In light of this, a billionaire’s remarks that praised lockdowns as the way to go were deemed as wrong and wildly out of touch.

Even after the most recent responses to Gates’ commentary about the movie Outbreak, he has yet to walk back his call to make the movie a reality.