Bill Introduced To Ban Non-American Flags On Federal Property

Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS) has recently introduced a bill that aims to impose significant restrictions on the display of flags other than the U.S. flag on federal property and buildings.

The proposed measure, if enacted, would allow for specific exceptions to the restriction such as permitting the display of flags representing visiting diplomats’ countries and flags of lawmakers’ respective states. Sen. Marshall expressed his deep concerns about the White House’s alleged prioritization of what he deemed a “radical social agenda” over patriotism.

According to the senator, the American flag, which is widely recognized as a symbol of liberty and justice for all, should never be undermined by anyone — especially not the President of the United States.

Emphasizing the symbolic importance of the American flag, Sen. Marshall highlighted the sacrifices made by countless servicemembers and veterans to defend the nation’s freedom.

He argued his proposed legislation, the One Flag For All Act, is necessary to ensure the American flag remains the primary and unchallenged symbol of the nation’s freedom and sacrifices. Marshall firmly believes it can help prevent the American flag from being overshadowed or marginalized in the face of cultural conflicts and political point-scoring.

The White House’s recent decision to prominently display a pro-LGBT flag alongside the American flags has drawn widespread criticism. Sen. Marshall expressed his disappointment on Twitter, describing the move as a “disgrace.”

His sentiments were echoed by BlazeTV host Chad Prather, who denounced the display as “nonsense” and demanded an immediate end to such practices. Adding his voice to the chorus of criticism, GOP Rep. Chip Roy of Texas vehemently decried the White House’s decision.

He expressed his outrage at the pride flag being positioned in a prominent location, flanked by American flags at the front of the President’s residence. Rep. Roy passionately stressed that people have made tremendous sacrifices for the American flag, and he found the placement of the pride flag to be nothing short of despicable.

President Joe Biden has consistently issued a proclamation recognizing Pride Month each year since assuming office, underscoring his administration’s unwavering support for LGBTQ indoctrination.

The primary objective of this legislation is to safeguard the preeminence of the American flag as the quintessential symbol of the nation’s freedom and unity. Sen. Roger Marshall’s proposed bill to limit the display of non-American flags on federal property has generated considerable attention and debate.

Critics argue it may infringe upon freedom of expression, while proponents assert it will not hinder personal freedom of expression but instead preserves the symbolism and significance of the American flag on federal grounds.