A Swedish Girl Who Thinks She’s Our Savior Gets In A Fight With Bill Maher

When Bill Maher becomes the conscience of our nation, all is lost. Look, Bill can make us laugh, but the guy is a joke. He launched after Greta Thunberg, a girl he helped create, telling her to shut the F up. Is this supposed to be funny?

Bill Maher ended his eponymous show with a staggering seven-minute assault on Greta Thunberg. 

Liberals like Maher have been coddling young environmental hysteria for decades. Now, rather than supporting the woke in his party, he wants you to believe that he will let them have it. Maher clarified that his feelings support the leftist environmental doomsaying. He wants to give them marketing advice. 

By using Greta Thunberg instead of Kylie Jenner, Democrats are missing an opportunity. 

He wants to tell Thunberg that she doesn’t speak for this era of youth. Instead, our woke millennials want to be like Kylie Jenner sitting on a pallet of cash like El Chapo. Jenner is the maven of a multibillion-dollar enterprise that sells makeup and lifestyle products. She sells the dream of conspicuous consumption to kids who want to spend their parents’ money on frivolous crap. 

Jenner has 279 million devotees on Instagram that get to watch her in various stages of undress. Thunberg has 13 million followers that get to see pictures of the ocean from Greta’s boat. Maher points out Jenner is more persuasive than Thunberg. 

Jenner is an arrogant trust fund baby who flies around in her private jet burning carbon like no tomorrow. Do you want the inconvenient truth, Al? America loves free enterprise, and Kylie exemplifies it. She has rooms with things she’s just worn once. Millennials do not care about environmental damage, global warming, or climate change. It does not matter what you call it, these people want to live their life they will never do anything about it.  

No one believes in a planet-annihilating crisis. Barack Obama does not change his lifestyle or housing. Prince Charles will not stop using massive planes or benefiting from the decades of industrialization that support his lifestyle. 

No one wants to save the planet because we all know that there is no looming environmental catastrophe. 

Maher attempts to link Bitcoin mining to climate damage and the modern views on digital finance that pervade millennials. Bill thinks that cryptocurrency is worse for energy usage than Netflix, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Google because he doesn’t think our monetary system will fail. These kids do. 

Bill wants to educate us on the supply chain that is crumbling around us. He tells Generation Z that their obsession with handheld digital devices is going to kill us all. Cell phone manufacturing uses fossil fuel byproducts and rare earth metals. And cloud computing takes place in (gaps) server farms. 

Maher notes that you cannot serve the God of environmentalism and money at the same time. He is the biggest hypocrite of all. He makes fun of Jenner, who decries the loss of 500 million creatures while wearing $1500 mink shoes. He’s gotten his payday, but he wants the next generation to suffer. Then he justifies Baby Boomer failures by heaping more scorn on Gen X, Y, and Z for not being good enough to save the planet. The planet is fine, but our society will not survive liberalism.