Bittersweet New Zealand Mandate Victory

Last Friday, the New Zealand Supreme Court struck down Prime Minister Horse Face Jacinda Arden’s vaccine mandate for the New Zealand Defense Force and the police. (Yes, I went there by attacking her looks. The woman deserves every level of scorn that can be heaped upon her. I would mock her irregularly shaped amino acids if that were a thing and provable). The ruling is very anticlimactic at this point for a couple of reasons.

COVID is so 2021. Even though our politicians do not want people to move on from the pandemic, ordinary people have resumed regular activities. The battle lines have been drawn and sides have been picked. It is like a gigantic came-of-virus dodgeball and our elites are trying to keep picking players even though no one else is left to play.

Everyone who wants a shot has gotten it and no amount of coercion will convince the holdouts regardless of what you threaten them with. Where rapid tests were once impossible to get, stores are drowning in them because tons of people have just opted out from testing themselves. The ruling on the mandates would have been helpful last year, but the people in question either capitulated and got the vaccine or quit. A lot of these issues are moot.

Another reason the ruling is so dissatisfying is because it creates a parallel situation to what happened in Canada. You have an enforcement arm called on to police protests against the mandates and are not required to take the shot. When people with guns do not empathize with regular people, dreadful things happen. We must only look at the last few weeks to see how quickly this situation can go wrong.

The public across the world has begun the process of reclaiming their lives. There has been momentum from the last two years. However, that must be dealt with. Court rulings and political changes will create fits and starts in our societies, but the end is in sight.