“Blame” The Republicans For Democrat “Failures” Even If It Was Local Inspections

The only way Democrats can operate is the legislative disaster. That means anytime a tragedy strikes, Democrats legislate solutions and ride on the backs of every fallen citizen that they can. Then, they profit from the legislation. That’s not to say Republicans don’t do it either, but Democrats do it in a way to subvert rights and push legislation on the American people that could be very unpopular and harmful.

Pennsylvania just experienced a bridge collapse that injured ten people. That’s a horrific event that should never happen. It usually would be a news story, but not to the magnitude that it’s gotten to now.

One Twitter user tweeted:

It seems entirely possible that people don’t understand how to bridge inspections. The state inspectors must inspect bridges periodically and report anything that needs to be fixed. The state then prioritizes its workforce to address significant issues. In instances where disaster strikes, there’s an investigation, and there are times when inspectors are charged for their mistakes when they inspect bridges.

In all reality, the bridge has a “checkered inspection history and was a known problem going back several years.” The inspection history goes back to when Democrats were in charge of Pennsylvania to include the Pittsburgh Mayor, a Democrat. That’s where the blame should lie. That also has Pete Buttigieg, if we want to go that far up, right? No. It’s not even his fault. The issue is local.

No Senator is going around inspecting bridges, and nobody wants that. They’re highly underqualified for that job. There would be far more bridge collapses if that were the case.

Also, reality check, the infrastructure bill passed no matter if Toomey voted for it or not. There’s nothing that Toomey could do to make the bill go away at this point, and he’s not trying. You can’t blame Obama, Trump, or Biden for 9/11. They weren’t in the office when it happened. Even if they wanted to stop it, they couldn’t.

There’s no doubt that an investigation will reveal that a local agency is responsible for the bridge collapse because of their lack of upkeep and unwillingness to act. Democrats can blame Republicans for this, but it will not work.

Rational-minded individuals can see the writing on the wall. Even if the infrastructure bill had been passed years ago, it likely wouldn’t have stopped this tragedy. Nobody can know that a problem exists if it isn’t communicated effectively, and it’s clear that it wasn’t shared with those who could fix the problem.