BLM Accused of Purchasing $6 Million Mansion With Donations

Black Lives Matter has raked in at least $90 million in donations on its promise of social justice, and at least $60 million was unaccounted for. Part of that mystery is thankfully solved after the revelation that $6 million went for the purchase of a luxurious Southern California mansion.

Last spring, Patrisse Khan-Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Melina Abdullah filmed a YouTube video on the first anniversary of George Floyd’s murder. The three sat around a patio table and railed against the “right-wing media machine” that they ironically claimed was trying to “cancel” them.

As they complained about reports of home purchases using money donated to BLM, they neglected to point out exactly where they were filming.

They were just outside the California mansion recently purchased for $6 million in cash from donations taken in to fight racial injustice. The property features over 6,500 square feet and six bedrooms, several fireplaces, a pool, and parking for over 20 cars.

Even more shocking is that the Black Lives Matter Global Foundation Network transferred millions more last year to BLM Canada, which is coincidentally run by the wife of Khan-Cullors. Where did THAT money go?

It bought a 10,000 square foot mansion in Toronto that just happens to be the former headquarters of the Canadian Communist Party. Khan-Cullors resigned last year after it was revealed she purchased four MORE homes in Georgia and Los Angeles for $3.2 million.

Texas Rep. Lance Gooden blasted the so-called charity in a letter to IRS commissioner Charles Rettig this week. The Republican urged that organizations such as BLM must be transparent “or their tax-exempt status should be revoked.”

The California Department of Justice launched an investigation into BLM’s fundraising, and the state of Washington ordered the group to “immediately cease” all fundraising activities there. As much as BLM would like you to think otherwise, California and Washington are not exactly right-wing Republican strongholds.

Kudos to BLM’s leadership for recognizing that real estate is a wise investment. However, that hardly excuses using money that came from corporations and grass-roots donors intended to further social justice to line their own pockets. Apparently, it’s only their own lives that matter.