BLM Protesters Do The Unthinkable In Front Of Fox Headquarters


“Because you’re not here for us, you’re full of lies, you’re all racist, fascist, Zionist, you’re KKK, you’re proud boys, and probably a bunch of police officer,” is what Black Lives Matter shouted in front of Fox News headquarters. They burned the American flag along with a picture of Tucker Carlson. What a bold statement. Carlson has been pro-freedom for all Americans and doesn’t deviate from it.

Let’s break down why that’s so ridiculous. Black Lives Matter is supposed to be an organization that honors Black Americans and fights for their rights and against the injustice done to Black Americans. Fox News is mainly against the Democratic party and the lies and oppressive views of liberal America. The Democratic party is the party that’s pushing for vaccine mandates, but which group of people are the least vaccinated?

According to, 61% of all vaccinated individuals are white, and 12% are black. According to the Washington Post, 189.9 million people have been vaccinated out of the 328 million citizens of the United States. 22.6 million Black Americans have been vaccinated out of the 43.9 million Black Americans in the United States. That’s right at 50% of the Black community. 236.5 million White Americans are in the United States, and 115.2 million have been vaccinated, which is around 50%.

These numbers show that when you compare White Americans and Black Americans, they’re being vaccinated at the same rate regarding their population size. The numbers don’t reflect any data that would suggest Black or White Americans have little or no access to vaccines or information regarding them.

Why is this important? Fox News has been against mask mandates and vaccination mandates for all Americans. If vaccine mandates were to take effect nationwide, then Fox News would be the ones protecting Black and White Americans from being forced to do something they didn’t want to do.

Fox News isn’t the KKK, and Tucker Carlson has constantly called out President Joe Biden for his racist comments and racial preferences. At no point has Fox News pandered to Black Americans like Other major news networks have, and they haven’t inaccurately represented illegal activity by the Black community or White community. Accountability doesn’t equate to discrimination. All Americans were concerned with Black Lives Matter’s actions in 2020 when cities were burned based on police perception of racial discrimination. Black Lives Matter supported the very person trying to restrict the rights of 50% of the Black community. That’s an alarming number. Tens of millions of Black Americans wouldn’t be able to be employed without the Covid-19 vaccine and wouldn’t be able to continue to be productive members of society.

At no point should the President of the United States restrict anyone’s rights for any reason? It’s his path to the Constitution, and he’s actively trying to violate it.