Bob Woodward Claims Milley Was Stupid Enough To Steal Nuclear Codes From Trump

Mark Milley must be an idiot if he thought Donald Trump would order a nuclear strike on China after January 6, 2021. What would be the pretext or casus belli for such an outrageous action? Even wanton political motives to wag the dog require some form of justification. And Trump has repeatedly demonstrated that his rhetoric has a de-escalating effect, such as dealing with Kim Jong-un.

Did Milley believe that the spread of COVID-19 was an intentional bio-weapon launched by China, precipitating such a harsh response from the USA?

Milley was running back channel communications to let China know if Trump ordered an attack. If this is true, which we must assume the core facts are accurate, then Milley is not only clearly a treasonous deep state actor but one of the dumbest.

Bob Woodward loves to write insider books that make the news. In their book Peril, he and Robert Costa have constructed the narrative of an out-of-control executive branch during the Trump presidency. They claim that head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley reached out to the Chinese Communist Party military members to express his concerns about a forthcoming attack. Milley promised General Li that based on their friendship, he would give him a heads up in any martial action made by President Trump.

On January 8, 2021, Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA) said she had meetings with military brass about preventing President Trump from launching a nuclear strike. Once again, the absurdity of Nancy preventing what was not being contemplated but must always be on the table. She intentionally weakened our nation, making us more vulnerable to assault by China. If nothing else, this demonstrated to the CCP the extent of Democrat complicity in their effort to destroy America. In a letter, Pelosi wrote, “This morning, I spoke to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley to discuss available precautions for preventing an unstable president from initiating military hostilities or accessing the launch codes and ordering a nuclear strike.”

She then engaged in another futile attempt to impeach Trump after the election results installing Joe Biden as the 46th President were certified.

Milley called the admiral of the US Indo-Pacific Command to postpone all naval exercises. He then went to usurp the Presidential authority to launch nuclear weapons. He inserted himself in the chain of command as a check or veto on the President’s decision, demanding a pledge or oath of allegiance by senior officers to him and his authority over and above President Trump. In contrast, the extreme case of nuclear war is contemplated in the book, which is the definition of a military coup. Who is to say that Milley only referred to WMDs when he already viewed his power over the military in all activities as supreme.

The idea that Milley will be charged with treason is laughable. The current congress and President were in on it, as Pelosi admitted. She knew what was going on. Do not think for a moment that Joe Biden’s team was not also in on this deal.

The real question is why Trump didn’t know about this and act on January 7, 2021? No one in the JCOS or at any level of the military notified Trump about these treasonous acts. US intel agencies were compromised and were not tracking these actions. He must have been highly estranged from his administration for months, if not his entire presidency. He was essentially acting alone on a speaking tour. His DOJ and DOD did whatever they wanted to, and he could not or would not prevent it.

Helping the CCP is the most egregious act of sabotage in a sane world. Milley took an oath of loyalty to the United States, our Constitution, elections, and civilian command over the military. His words mean nothing. The man has no integrity. Giving help to a rival, nemesis, or enemy inside the United States or anywhere else is the definition of a conspiracy to commit treason. Imagine if Trump charged, tried, and convicted Milley within a week of this coup, putting him in jail, fining him, and preventing holding any office in the United States.