Bongino Warns Left Will Get ‘Trigger Happy’ With Visa And Mastercard Bans

Conservative pundit Dan Bongino told the Heritage Foundation’s Kara Frederick on Fox News over the week that he’s got a sneaking suspicion the Left will weaponize financial sanctions U.S. corporations have levied against the Russian Federation’s citizens and businesses.

To use in their political war to silence conservative voices forever and remake America into their dreadful image of Marxism-Leninism back on the March to:

1) Redistribute wealth from productive workers and capital to the wasteful at best and often destructive public sector industries that use the money to compete with private businesses unfairly or to drown them in a strangle of fascist federal regulatory regime bullying.

2) Teach Americans and people from other countries that we are a criminal, unjust, racist, and sexist nation, ignore all the good things Americans have done throughout the centuries and take them for granted as if they just happened that way automatically.

3) And remove God from our minds and hearts, to get God out of our conversations, to get prayer out of schools, to make people think that God is something they should be embarrassed about if they think of Him at all, and ideally shouldn’t even think about Him, because big government radical leftists want you to believe that God isn’t real. They have to remove God to do the things nations have historically always done in the transition to Marxism-Leninism.

Discussing the growing blackout of U.S. based corporate services in Russia on Fox News Saturday, Bo told Kara Frederick that:

“Do you know what worries me? The Left will interpret this as a bat signal to attack their domestic political opponents. That, by the way, isn’t a conspiracy theory! They’ve already done things like this.”

LifeSiteNews gave Stripe’s refusal to keep Donald Trump campaign accounts. Many other conservatives have also had their accounts suspended or permanently banned from more or less all the major U.S. corporate payment processing platforms.

No doubt the homebrew financial settlements and account keeping business is rejoicing at yet more proof of the assistances their products have to offer, namely decentralized service that does not know or care who the end-user is or what they are doing with the money, or with their private lives, or with their politics, or anything other than here if you would like to guess the private key to access this entry I’m all ears.