Border Agents Discover $400K Of Meth Hidden In Condoms Within Pumpkins

Even for drug smugglers, what U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents uncovered in Texas this week was novel. Officials report over $400,000 in liquid methamphetamine was found wrapped inside condoms crammed into Halloween pumpkins.

This, of course, is the border with Mexico that the Biden administration almost daily claims is “secure.”

The bizarre discovery was made at the Eagle Pass Port of Entry in Texas on Tuesday. The pumpkins were in the midst of other holiday decorations.

According to the official statement, officers assigned to the Camino Real International Bridge encountered a 2012 Ford Escape crossing into the U.S. from Mexico. Acting Port Director Elizabeth Garduno said their “training, experience, (and) interviewing skills” were used in the bust.

What they found was surprising, even for the border. After an officer referred the vehicle for further inspection, agents in the secondary examination discovered almost 44 pounds (19.84 kg) of suspected liquid methamphetamine.

It was hidden within 136 condoms inside four pumpkins that were in the SUV. The estimated value of the narcotics was $402,196.

Authorities report they then seized the narcotics and vehicle before turning the driver and passenger over to the local sheriff’s department for further investigation.

Garduno admitted that frontline CBP officers have “seen just about everything” and that this case was “no exception.”

According to ABC News, officials in fiscal year 2022 report the seizure of approximately 161,000 pounds of methamphetamine at the border. This is down from last fiscal year’s total of 192,000 pounds. And with every passing day, smugglers get more creative to bring drugs into the U.S.

The day after the pumpkin and condom bust, Arizona authorities tweeted that they uncovered 2,100 fentanyl pills concealed inside tamales. They were being transported in an ice chest at the Nogales Port of Entry.

Port Director Michael W. Humphries relayed that each tamale had a baggie of blue fentanyl pills inside. He credited the officers and K9 teams for uncovering the narcotics.