Border Crisis Skyrocketing Due to Biden’s Illegal Immigrant Agenda

The United States–Mexico border crisis rages on and the Biden administration’s contribution has been staggering.

People from over 150 countries are accessing the southern border quicker and easier, thanks to Biden’s shuttle diplomacy.

For the first time, the Darien Gap route has been shortened my Panama. Caravans of illegal aliens no longer have to go through roadblocks.

The ability for people to make their way to the southern border has become easier, more convenient and quicker.

It’s not just illegal Mexican and Central American immigrants that are flooding into the United States, but several other nationalities are swiftly coming in.

The number of foreign nationals outside of Mexico and Central America is at the highest level in United States history.

The Biden administration created Title 42 when COVID was being pushed and this allowed countless illegal immigrants to come and stay in the U.S.

The Federalist reports:

“Such nationals range from 40 to 50 percent of all who reach the southern border since the Biden administration carved exemptions in the pandemic-related Title 42 instant expulsion policy. The Biden exceptions have allowed large numbers of such trespassing foreign citizens to stay inside the United States. Homeland security officials regard this population as posing heightened national security, public safety, and health risks.”

Panama and Mexico are now embracing the mantra of illegal immigration being “safe, humane and orderly.”
There has been no pushback from Biden or his cronies; rather, they’ve shown acceptance and at some points encouragement.

The recently completed path through Panama and Mexico makes future illegal immigration invasions much scarier for the American people.

Usually about 10,000 people make the trek through the Darian Gap, which consist of 60-miles of dense jungle. However, over 130,000 people crossed in Biden’s first year in office due to his Title 42 access.

Drug smuggling and human trafficking are on the rise. But now, it is easier than ever for criminals to make the trek to the border. Coast guard vessels used to block some of the smugglers in Panama, but now with a safe route opened, crime can spill through.

As Biden’s border crisis continues to get more out of control, the Biden administration furthers its apparent goals of helping to fuel the illegal immigrant war on America.