Border Czar Kamala Harris Is Nowhere To Be Found As Mexico Immigrant Crisis Mounts

Vice President Kamala Harris is unable or unwilling to address the almost 16,000 travelers in Del Rio. As of this last weekend, Texas Governor Greg Abbott said the number of migrants at the Southern Border has increased. Of course, the go-to expert on immigration in the Biden-Harris Administration is Kamala Harris, who has proven that the best we have to offer is nothing at all.

Remember when VP Harris refused to visit the border or address the US-Mexico problem of illegal immigration. For 100 days after she became the point person in charge of the crisis, she did nothing. Instead, when questioned about her intentions and plans by Lester Holt, she chuckled her way through comparing addressing these humanitarian problems to visiting Europe. Her pretentious tone has remained a sticking point for Americans who do not trust or respect her.

Emergency conditions are only getting worse on the southern border. As the anti-president Joe Biden has encouraged a massive influx of foreign citizens, more people are attracted to Latin American, South American, and other nations. Also, immigrants from Northern Triangle nations and Haiti gather along the Texas and Arizona border or break into the US.

Circle Back Jen Psaki, the spokesperson for the incompetent and arrogantly foolish regime controlling this nation, recently confirmed that vaccinations are not required for individuals who violate US sovereignty by breaching the dividing line between the US and Mexico.

Frightening pictures of thousands who have set up camp under the International Bridge in Del Rio, Texas, have flooded the media and internet.

US Border Patrol leaders and VP Harris have not confirmed the Texas Governor’s declaration that the circumstances have become a crisis. Abbott said that we had reached the critical point where the federal government must end the use of refugee camps along the US border. This situation will only encourage more people to come and create a further humanitarian crisis.

Abbott wrote a letter to the anti-president begging him to do something. He pointed out that people live in filthy conditions, washing in sewage water, and exacerbating horrifically unhealthy and unsanitary conditions for children.
Biden made Harris the border Czar in March. How has she been doing over the last six months? She has done nothing to stem the tide of illegal aliens, coyotes, and drug cartels killing, raping, and taking advantage of people. When was the last time Vice President Harris spoke about immigration and the solutions to numerous problems the Biden administration addresses? Never.

Harris went to Guatemala. She told Guatemalans not to come to the United States. But obviously, people are continuing to come to the US. Are these migrants from everywhere else besides Guatemala?

She was stunned that people continue to use Mexico as a thoroughfare. Customs and Border Patrol agents are unable to do their jobs.

Many people want to hold Harris personally accountable for immigration. The Biden White House said that it wants to handle immigration methodically and compassionately. But, the best it can muster is sending Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to Texas to evaluate the circumstances in Del Rio.

If Mexico cannot govern itself, it must request that the United States vote to accept or reject the entire country becoming a protectorate or territory of the United States. Maybe in 50 years, we can clean up the corrupt, violent mess, adopt Mexicans as citizens, and admit Mexican provinces as states. It is essentially what this failed narco-state has become anyway under the Biden-Harris regime.