Border Patrol Agents Dismantle Laredo Motel “Stash House”

A joint operation by the US Border Patrol and the Texas Department of Public Safety located over 20 illegal immigrants last Thursday hiding in several rooms in a motel in Laredo. Law enforcement responded to a report of suspicious activity at the motel and discovered the migrants in rooms being used as “stash houses.”

Border Patrol describes a “stash house” as a place where human smugglers cram illegal aliens until they can be “distributed” somewhere inside the county. The illegal aliens are often locked inside the “stash house” so that they cannot escape and are usually kept in unhealthy conditions without adequate food or any medical care. They are often even extorted further by their smugglers to house them in such situations.

As a border town, Laredo has recently seen a surge in the number of stash houses discovered in the area and was the site of more than one-quarter of all stash houses found along the entire southern border in 2020. The border wall project initiated by President Donald Trump was underway but not completed when Joe Biden assumed office, and the area continues to be a focal point for human smuggling.

The Border Patrol Laredo Sector office said that Texas troopers and Border Patrol agents said agents along the border “remain vigilant” in searching for criminals exploiting others they are seeking to smuggle into the US for-profit illegally.

Laredo Sector had announced earlier last week that agents intercepted around 400 pounds of marijuana to arrest members of a narcotics smuggling operation. Border patrol agents discovered the marijuana in an abandoned SUV that collided with a traffic sign. Five bundles of marijuana were recovered with a street value of over $313,000.

Laredo Sector posted to Facebook that its agents are continuing the fight to secure the nation’s borders and stop the flow of illegal drugs across the southern border. The agency said its mission is to target and investigate criminal suspects using advanced technology, equipment, and analytics to seize contraband before it hits American communities.