Boris Johnson LAUGHS At Biden After He Forgets Australian PM’s Name

President Joe Biden loves to explain how the United States allies are on our side, but disregard when they laugh at him. Does Biden look back at his press conferences and interviews and think he’s doing a good job? Does he not see his cognitive decline, and more importantly, does First Lady Jill Biden not see it either? How can she let him stay president, knowing that he’s losing it, and allow this national security disaster to continue? If Biden’s cognitive decline gets any American hurt or killed, most of the responsibility would rest solely in her hands. Then again, 13 U.S. military members have already been killed in Afghanistan.

Boris Johnson has been particularly upset with Biden over the withdrawal from Afghanistan and is seen laughing at Biden when he doesn’t remember Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s name. Biden called him “That man down under” and “pal” because he wanted to personalize his message without sounding like an idiot. It turns out, Biden always sounds like an idiot.

Why aren’t we talking about Australia’s concentration camps that they’re putting citizens in right now and their “marshal law” type enforcement of the Covid-19 vaccine and quarantine measures.

Morrison talked about respect for freedom and the rule of law, but his country’s actions are much worse than he is acting like. In Australia, police and the military have jailed people who went further than 5 miles from their homes recently. Does that sound like freedom? Does that sound like America should become allies with that government? It sounds like the beginning of Nazi Germany.

Biden’s cognitive decline is making America look weak. Nobody should have voted for this man. Former President Donald Trump would have been much better than Biden simply because he can finish a complete sentence. It’s sad what our citizens will vote for to get someone out of office. Trump’s policies are going into effect as we speak, so what was the point? For a lot of ridiculous policies and executive orders to be thrown around in the meantime?