Brace Yourselves For Three More Years Of Joe Biden Making The World A More Dangerous Place

This week marks the 50th anniversary of President Richard Nixon’s signing of the Shanghai Communiqué with the People’s Republic of China. It was a daring piece of statecraft that contributed to the schism between Communist China and the Soviet Union. Today, America’s adversaries have taken on the opposite mission: to undermine Western democracy, split the country and safeguard autocracies.

As a presidential candidate, Joe Biden vowed to fix allegedly strained ties, “put the adults back in control,” stand up to Russia by arming Ukraine and making America more affluent. He has failed on all of these points. The Sino-Russian alliance and the governments they support from Caracas to Tehran comprise a frighteningly formidable foe.

Moreover, inflation is worse than in 40 years and gas costs are rising. His government only promised Ukraine Stinger missiles after other nations, such as Germany and the Netherlands, had already purchased them.

Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State, stated that America was First for the Trump administration. It was the lens through which they evaluated all foreign policy decisions: what was best for the United States citizens?

It resulted in massive and revolutionary triumphs worldwide, including four peace treaties negotiated in the Middle East with the assistance of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Because of America’s submission, its adversaries no longer fear people. It is a disastrous trend. Biden’s record on national security in his first year was dismal.

Within four months after Joe Biden’s election, Hamas launched an attack on Israel. Seven months later, Kabul fell to the Taliban and 13 months later, we had the first significant combat conflict in Europe since 1945. Today, people are on the verge of losing Ukraine, democratically, to a power-hungry despot. The Biden administration’s idea for averting the conflict was ludicrous. Now, Canada and Europe are filling up the slack and they’re following in their footsteps.

Furthermore, President Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken were foolish to imagine that only rhetoric and a faint threat of penalties could deter Putin. They lack a vital competence in national security officials: the capacity to comprehend, foresee and disrupt their adversaries’ ingenious plans. Blinken lamented that he “could not understand” why Putin would invade Ukraine when working on climate change only two weeks ago.

Therefore, since the Cold War conclusion, the United States has not designed or manufactured a new nuclear weapon. The average age of the nuclear weapon stockpile is more than 25 years. Only strength can dissuade these regimes, strengthening the military power. How can the United States deter Russia and China if their officials apply the terrible logic of “defund the cops” to their military? Joe Biden has reaffirmed the worldview that led to the surrender of American power.