Brian Stelter Heads To Harvard To Defend Democracy

Canceled CNN host Brian Stelter has taken a new position with Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center of Media, Politics, and Public Policy to defend democracy.

CNN canceled his show “Reliable Sources” and sent him packing in late August. Even for that network, the overt bias of his programming became too much to stomach in the new regime.

The former host will be a media and democracy fellow at Harvard, and his job entails organizing discussions on “threats to democracy and the range of potential responses from the news media.”

The school reports that there will be talks with leaders in the national media, policy makers, political figures, and Kennedy School students, fellows, and faculty. The goal, it says, is to enhance understanding within the public as well as scholarly circles on democratic governance.

Harvard said Stelter will begin work with students and faculty in the Fall of 2022.

Harvard Kennedy School is the public policy school with the Ivy League university. In its announcement it noted that Stelter had been the “Reliable Sources” anchor, but it did not detail why he is no longer with CNN.

It is widely believed that the plug was pulled on the show because new CNN CEO Chris Licht wants to put more emphasis on hard news and less on opinionated programming. Critics charge that the network sank to new lows with bias during former President Donald Trump’s four years in office.

Stelter had reportedly been spreading the word that he was a “sacrificial lamb” for CNN’s new leadership. This despite the fact that Licht clearly wanted to depart from the leftist propaganda that permeated the network lineup for so long.

Amazingly, Stelter even claimed that he was a nonpartisan voice right up until the end of “Reliable Sources.”

The fact that Stelter landed on his feet with a Harvard fellowship should come as no surprise. It is just another example of the precarious slant towards the left that has grown even more prevalent in higher education. His liberal credentials served him well.