Broward Schools Sent Home A Permission Slip For Students To Party At A Gay Bar

Broward County’s Wilton Manor Grade School teachers just raved in Facebook posts about their annual field trip to a Gay Bar. 

Unfortunately for them, pictures surfaced online that revealed the depths of depravity our schools have sunk to. If parents unknowingly approve of this lousy activity. Suppose parents are illiterate and sign anything their kids bring home. If parents knowingly sent their children to be wined and dined at a friendly homosexual restaurant, that is horrific. 

Wilton stated that the drinking establishment opens just for a student to hang out during school hours. The bar and eatery were not initially open to the public. When the business opened, students moved to the outside area to eat their suppers. 

Would that make you feel better if your children were a part of this extracurricular activity? 

But, the restaurant has a kids’ menu, so it’s fine to take students from school there, right? The rest of the menu includes Motha’ Cluckers, Pisa Envy, Sweaty Lovin’, the Ivana Hooker Big Girl burger, the Miley High Club, and the Young Ranch Hand sandwich. Very Brokeback Mountain. That’s supposed to be funny? 

Some anonymous Twitter nut offered this gem; people acted like the chef served the children a series of firm mojitos and afterward discussed gay intercourse. But that assumes that kids will not come back on their own. 

Remember the San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir joking about how dumb parents think they are coming for their kids. It turns out that instead of approaching them, teachers will bring kids to Gay Bars for gay men to later meet and get to know. 

According to the district office, Wilton Manor Primary School offers classes on how we organize ourselves. Students learn about neighborhood security, local area helpers, the significance of community members, and different jobs that help them communicate with other people. 

So, they go to Rosie’s Bar and Grill, a popular nightspot for gay men to meet up, which is just a pleasant stroll down the road from the school. Did anyone in the zoning office consider this a potential problem? 

Students learn about the occupations working in a café, how to pay and leave a tip. Also, the Wilton Manor Police Officer talks about the ways cops support the local area. Really? 

Broward Schools is one of America’s most extensive 6th-grade schools in a hotspot for the LGBTQ+ population. A School Board Member, Sarah Leonardi, bragged about how wonderful it was to expose kids to good Gay Bars. She said that she was welcomed as a chaperone to the mind-boggling Rosie’s Bar and Grill. 

Which teachers and staff went with the students to Rosie’s? One of the photographs in Leonardi’s tweet shows 18 students with three grown-ups. Rosie’s is a notable gay bar. It invites everyone, regardless of whether you are LGBTQ+ or a partner that loves standing up for gay party rights. 

Critical tweets expressed that this action is a form of grooming, and everybody included should be charged as a physical predator. Do you think that these adults ought to be in prison?