“Build Back Better” Fails To Deliver Yet Again

During the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden made “Build Back Better” his slogan. During Biden’s inaugural address, he also mentioned “building back better” by “restoring” the soul of the United States and putting partisan divides to bed once and for all.

To say that Biden hasn’t even come within sniffing distance of doing any of the aforementioned is an understatement. Since the 46th president’s time in office, situations in the country have gotten worse, not better.

Right now, Biden’s working to get congressional Democrats to approve the Build Back Better Act. Yet, under this president, he’s just showing why Americans should embrace the opposite of his agenda, as PJ Media points out.

The Labor Department’s report on the number of jobs added to the economy in November came out to 212,000. It is horrible and marks a significant gap from the 550,000 jobs economists said the country should have gained last month.

Furthermore, in October, the economy added 546,000 new jobs. The major fall is traced back to left-wing policies and spending bills. If Biden were indeed “building back better,” the economy would reflect this.

If the economy itself could speak, it would be screaming at the top of its lungs for America to stop Biden from putting it into an early grave. Amid the bad news from the Labor Department, high inflation rates and falling consumer confidence levels are still very pressing issues.

After the release from the Labor Department this week, Biden didn’t even address the jobs report for November. This president is utterly incapable of handling himself or admitting when what he is doing is not working.

Frankly, Biden would rather see the United States go entirely down the drain before acknowledging the need for the country to take a very different course of action.

At this point, it’s a given the state of the economy. It is hurting jobs. However, it’s also essential to understand positions are under siege from yet another enemy.

This enemy just so happens to entail COVID vaccine mandates. Many people have been cautious about working for employers who insist on getting the COVID vaccine.
More people don’t want the government or even the private sector breathing down their necks when it comes to healthcare decisions.

However, as courts block various COVID vaccine mandates from the White House, this will hopefully help the economy’s recovery process.