Burger King Manager Serving Trash Can Fries Arrested

A Burger King assistant manager has been arrested in Union, South Carolina, after allegedly tampering with food, which is a felony offense. Jaime Christine Major, 39, stands accused of serving customers french fries that had been retrieved from the trash can, according to authorities.

The incident came to light on July 9, when the Union Police Department responded to a reported disturbance at the fast-food establishment. Witnesses claimed two irate women were causing a scene, shouting profanities, and threatening restaurant staff. Upon arrival, officers attempted to diffuse the situation, but the women refused to comply.

Subsequently, both women were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct based on police reports. However, Major was later outed by the two female customers named by police as Ivory Lakeisha Muhammad and Shantel Elizabeth Harris, who spotted her filthy antics and caused a scene.

Two days later, Burger King’s corporate headquarters contacted local law enforcement with concerning information. They informed the authorities that an internal investigation had revealed more troubling conduct committed by Major.

According to the investigation, she was repeatedly observed taking discarded french fries from the trash can, secretly placing them into containers with freshly cooked fries before serving them to unsuspecting customers.

As a result of the investigation, a warrant was issued for Major’s arrest, and she was taken into custody on Monday. If convicted, Major could face a sentence of up to 20 years in prison, which highlights the severity of her actions.

During her initial court appearance, a judge set Major’s bond at $20,000. According to reports, she is still being held at the South Carolina detention center. Instances of food tampering can have severe repercussions for public trust and the reputation of the company.

Upon learning of the incident, Burger King corporate officials promptly addressed the matter, cooperating fully with law enforcement during the investigation. Burger King released an official statement that said: “ These allegations do not align to the brand’s commitment to quality food and service and creating an exceptional guest experience.”